7 Traits That Attract Women

7 traits that attract women

Money, tall, dark, huge and handsome should top this 7 traits that attract women list, right? Very wrong! Attracting women goes way beyond these generally accepted wrong ideas. This is why a man can provide heaven and earth for his wife yet she is getting serviced by one dingy riff-raft out there. Most painful part? She is always tired when husby needs her. ‘I would rather cry in a Bugatti than ride on a bicycle with a  caring man, under the scorching sun!’. Have you heard them say this before?

Illogical Lines

But when she meets a guy whose legs are his Benz that has got these 7 traits that attract women, she would gladly deny her family to be with him. “I can’t marry a short man”. Kindly refer to the recent story of @TheollieMead( though deactivated now) who trolled short men but ended up marrying one. “I love Tall Dark and Handsome guys with cash” but she would end up marrying a short, fair, fat, fugly guy( that understands how attraction works) and gladly foot the bills. 

7 traits that attracts women

Ladies ain’t logical but a lot of average guys, who lack understanding, take their talks at face value. ( if you haven’t read Girls’ Green Light and double entendre,  make sure you check it out). Forget what mass media and social media say, in this terrain, the majority is wrong! Below are the secrets to attracting girls.

7 Attributes That Attracts Ladies

‘Ballful’ (Send less; careless) attitude

Girls drool over him cos he’s drawing a real picture of a man strong, firm, decisive, controlled, straight to the point. Right from their infant days into adult years,  girls get used to having their ways with guys; been the centre of attraction. Someone guys flock around in their numbers wanting to have and she is always forming Hard-to-get. The day she meets a guy that ‘careless’ how she looks, as to whether or not she even exist, they see it as a challenge. They, thereafter, go wondering how on earth THIS very one is different from all the other guys she has met that feed off her palms. This spikes their curiosity and attracts them because they want to find out what stuff you are made up of! Even as humans, we tend to like things we can’t get easily( we kill for gold; very rare but sand is useless; too common!) Thus when a guy places himself in a high helm, Girls see him like a trophy to fight for. They dive into the challenge. They don’t want a guy no other girl wants. No. they prefer guys that every other girl is drooling over so that when they get him, they

can flaunt him and feel like the champion!


He prowls with an air of a man sure of his steps, certain of his future and one that is in absolute control of his destiny. He pitch, perfected. His pose, calculated. His voice, deep and low. His words, sleek and slow. His dress sense, posh. His diction, divine. His smile, maiming and his touch, breath taking. He doesn’t second guess himself. He is irresistible to ladies

Quick wit (mental intelligence) and fun aura

The world could use a little light and what other way to do it than sparking a smile across the dark horizon of a sad soul? Be rich in words and armed with fun answers to life, love and ladies’ questions, tests and teasers. You do not want to be caught off guard. For moment defining questions must come and they would eight make you or mar you. Be so armed that when they throw pebbles at you, you pull our your magnum tech9 and take them out! This largely depends on whether or not you read wild.

Sexual Prowess

7 traits that attract women

It is a proven fact that ladies love sex as much as we do. The only difference between the average guys and them is the fact that they are able to bottle up what the feel and only send probing signals. A guy that knows how to ooze sexuality either through looks, eyes, words etc, is a keeper. Imaging using your eyes to undress a lady while in public! People around might not understand, but she does. With the eyes, you can turn a lady on and communicate crazy stuffs silently to her without opening your mouth. This makes them go thinking; if he can do this without touching me, he must be very good underneath the sheets!  Curiosity, they say, kills the cat!

Crazy (Adventurous)

Why do you think James Bond and Brad Pitt always get the girls? They love adrenaline pumping adventure and they are willing to teach her same. Drive her mind wild. Push her far over and beyond her conform zone. She can never forget you for life.

Been in charge

Even in the animal kingdom, the male in charge gets the females with ease unlike the lesser males. Human beings too are wired that way. When a guy is in charge. He’s irresistible. He directs, coordinates and control all around him. He is intimidated by no one. He knows what he wants and goes for it with apologies to no one.


A guy that ladies find very difficult to read his next move is a magnet. This keeps them on their toes with half bum on your bench. A wise man once said; don’t be so open that your brains fall out. Once a lady can read you and knows your next move, you are done

You must wear these seven attractive uniforms if you must roll royal where ladies are. Be all you can ever be but whatever you do, never forget to arm yourself with these 7 traits that attracts women.


2 Comments on “7 Traits That Attract Women

  1. I no go write epistle….I for like tell una say thumbs up but baa only God Sabi how many of those soft creatures una done break their heart..esp dat wayrey harddon but this trend is more encouraging than the entire Nigerian govt has ever done, giving men their big black balls back…no mind me I to dey watch adult content, I Sabi say I done spoil

    I meet a girl in my my finals Sha with few months to go. Same dept but she dey 100 level…I popular gan for dept but I Sabi how to keep my stuffs low-key…..nobody Sabi a thing. I lock up dey run my mata we click like today’s bread and freshly fired egg……voom we set up date after unlike my usual self I tojdey set up date in time if me n gal done clique but did tym I chill, relax took things one step forward one step backwards..

    She told me we should go see a movie which I obliged to but told her we going douche she agreed, before leaving her hostel she called me I tell her say make she dey come that I’m almost there me way just dey go house go freshen up…the babe reach their call me ogbeni I lock up tell her say I’m on my way….fastward I got their over an hour late. She done vex tire as she sight me she just dey frown say d movie done start since, me tell her say she looks so sexy frowning make she dey frown always say I like her dat way she just laughed we gada enter…..

    Boom babe burst my brain she done buy movie ticket, popcorn and drinks for both of us…she talk say make I carry am make she carry drink but no bad man isn’t having any of that I carried d drinks tell her say make she carry her load make I follow her for back….

    We enter, movie done start over an hour babe talk say me b late comer I don allow her miss her movie but baba avengers endgame boring I just dey thank God say no b my money, he for pain me die…

    I performed the iol test abi wetin dey call am ( if u know u know) I squeezed her hand she squeezed mine , I rubbed d back of her hand she just dey enjoy an as she dey watch her movie dey sip her coke.me comot hand dey chop my popcorn babe locate my left hand hook am with hers I knew I was game. I told myself don’t over do things in harddon strong voice

    Fastward after movie, she say she wants go back go hostel I look her in the eye tell her say no I wanted to take her to big deddy’s space, share his space and chilled Sprite….. I carry her go on garden like that gate fee naa #200 per head…no need over impress babe… cool music dey play for background we sat close to the river front they observe nature, I felt her heart melt damn babe love the place die bad man just dey give her tattric massage avoiding d sensive places for bad man reasons no rush….we are Gentlemen right??

    After, for d same place we just go swing I could see d love in her eyes babe never get dat kind freedom and joy in a long while…she dey enjoy her swinging me dey look her dey smile say all dis big girl want is fun one mumu guy go carry her go on restaurant way get AC go dey burn precious money he no go know say naa adventure babe want no b him money dey do am… We had alot of fun Sha baby enjoy herself she talk say make we buy suya say naa wetin she wants chop for night , i did get it…I avoided kissing her at d park knowing well she wanted it but thanks to fear and not wanting to rush things secondly I chill no kiss her on purpose..babe dey enjoy herself forget say time done go, me remind her say I still dey go my house I no want make anybody rape me for way. I put her for korope chill make bus full small for everybody eye I peck her for forehead knowing it makes them very weak.. babe. Close her eye as I whispered hot rubbish to her ears…bfore bus move I done bid her goodnyt cross go carry Keke go my house I no dey do pass myself…before I reach house she called I no pick as I enter house chop beta semo way maale done make with fresh vegetable soup finish i sit for chair dey follow maale gist babe called again. Telling me say she enjoy herself blah blah blah blah….

    Babe tell me say she wants to buy memory card for her phone knowing that I sell phone accessories I dey think say if she ask I go give her she deserve am but no she was hello bent on paying I sent her account details she transfer my money I be like wow which kin niaja babe be dis cous all dis mumu naa to dey bill u dey ask for little favours dey Sabi, but I meet someone different in a long time…

    I don’t know if any1 of u av meet someone like dis all ur life, she is no nuisance and pays her bill, she thinks mature and different from all dis mumu way we dey meet ordinary to pay fine boy tfare Dem no go wan spend money……

    I no go wail but I have learnt alot here thanks to those big headed wizards.. more pu**** as victories, wishes come true harddon u might end up stealing Beyonce under jayz’s watching eyes but mind you watch you back cous the BOGEYMAN is coming…..

    Fast forward we no close like before but I like her if not for any other reason she’s different, I av meet beautiful girls in school but her mind sets makes her standout, she is fun to be with but trust me boss I don’t behave like a cock 🍆 on heat when I get to see her, I’m always calm, reserved and innocent but it’s difficult getting her off her bed or hostel I don’t go to visit like nice guys do, I give her 2 missed calls max which she returns most time…I found it I have been wasting alot of time on her lately she’s tall slim beautiful and lemme add doesn’t use make-up as a perfectionist if I say a woman is beautiful with no make up I mean it harddon she don corrupt all my files like virus but I don’t over do things anyway, I av started meeting new girls as usual and it feels good being back to my old player’s self

    Wat do u suggest I do bosses she’s different if not I no dey like girls way dey do like nepa…

    Oops I promised not to write epistle but naa the book of job I done write finish..enjoy

    Big deddy

    following since 2014
    09039989584 whatsapp and calls

    • What a crazy romantic novel garnished with too much sauce and served in pidgin! lol.
      I was really impressed with the way you deploy most of all you have leant and bossed your balls.

      However, one thing was glaringly missing; you didn’t declare what you wanted and condition her thus. Hence the initial flare is waning. Like I would always say, ladies are scalar quantities you must give direction.
      Need i say more?

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