How to Build Self Confidence: Good Sense of Humour

Sense Pill: 
If you can draw laughter from a lady, you are halfway home. Don’t just turn a clown on me nor hold it to heart if she lacks a sense of humour, just move on! However, If you are halfway home and she laughs, that is a different ball game altogether. 

Laughter is a fine wine of the mind, a good tonic for the body and an elixir of the soul. It is a weapon that when deployed perfectly can douse a tensed air, break the ice between two unlikely people, relieves stress by deploying the feel-good factor. It also creates an enabling environment for good bonding and communication in relationship and marriages. Everyone loves a good laugh. But females cherish it more. Ladies love guys that can sweep them off their feet both in looks, words, touch, direction and Fun! The easiest way to bond with them is to know your fun onion. They hate uptight guys that know nothing about the power of humour. They might marry him for his money but would never be able to connect with nor share deep secrets with him. She easily starts cheating when she meets our type that has no standards.


To appreciate how powerful humour is to win a lady’s heart, ask yourself this question: WHY DO LADIES LOVE  GOSSIP? Is it to while away time? Slander friends? Because they love talking? Nah! Ladies love gossip because they love the feel-good factor that a good laugh brings. It heals, relieve stress, bonds and brightens! And as we all know, all ladies love a little gist (gossip) on varying degrees.  This is because of the laughter they derive from such. If they love gossip so much as to get a good laugh, even to the extent of slandering others including their friends, this goes to show you how awesome the power of humour is. It, therefore, behoves on you to learn how to give them another avenue to have a good laugh. This is where a good sense of humour pops in.

Sense Pill:
The ability to say a sleek hello and draw laughter from a new lady is the withholding force between her and your arms.


You want to get replies like OMG!  Rodfl, lol, hahaha, you are so naughty etc from ladies?  Well, as with every other skill, this kind of humour is learnt and guys like us don’t just go clowning. Our humour is calculated to achieve a set goal. You must know, right from the moment you meet a new one, what you want her to become(Girlfriend, Potential Wify, Target practice, Friends for benefits, Long-Term Relationship, One Night Stand etc). All your flows (fun jab) from thence on are then fitted to achieving that sole aim.

Sense Pill:
No matter how highly powered and engineered a Super Ride is, it goes slowly in a fog. Define her role.

As in life generally, you must define what you want her to be in your life right from the onset (build the castle up in the air first) and then take steps to achieving same. If you don’t, ladies would naturally help you out and believe me it wouldn’t be nice if you let them. They would either Fzone you( most likely), turn you to a “maga”( you go spending like a pro on her..Lol), you become boyfriend for assignments and all other weird roles she so suits.

Once u have defined her purpose and why you are giving her that one-sided bum seat, you now set off to swinging pro webs.
Note: being comfortable in your skin isn’t going to do you any good if you can’t make fun soup with words.


Something to get you into the front door, help you boycott the double F-off engraved on their forehead. You cant shoot bland: “Hello, my name is blah blah blah”. You can’t use general pick up lines. “ hello baby, you look like the only sugar in my tea.”

You can’t use stereotyped lines:   “Hi Baby”, “hey beautiful”, “hi sweerry”. What do you now use?:  Fun Jabs. That is a cocktail for a bite and blow. Look for anything on her body or surrounding and hit( jab) her with. Then smoother it with fun (humour). But the bottom line is a fun jab. Make fun of her, thereafter, you throw fun on. Perfect cocktail!

Examples of fun Jab lines ( DM, INBOX etc)
  1. Your eyes are so tiny but You look kinda beautiful….  Do you close your eyes when sleeping?” or your eyes are so tiny, you need not close them during prayers in church! they came closed by default.
                 (Your eyes are so tiny- jab,  You look kinda beautiful-  diplomatic compliment/fun)
    3. You have such lovely lips….. thing is I don’t know if you know how to use them

    4. Your eyes are so sexy, sure you are not wearing those seductive contacts?
    5. It’s amazing how this tiny nose of yours is able to provide the oxygen requirements of this body! how do you do it?
    6. Your nose is so small, sure you breathing fine?
    7. Hey now, my face is right up here, but you keep staring down my midsection, looking for something?
    8. I noticed you have been looking at me from across the hall but too stunned to move a fine muscle and come say hello to me, is it your first time of actually seeing a very fine guy?

ME: Come a little closer,  I want to know more about that flint in those little eyes of yours when you smile and put a voice to this sleek Fanta face…..Call me……080….( NLAND inbox message to a new one that isn’t even my friend nor did I bother to add her)

HER: Smooth…..

ME: little lily,  Smooth n you just froze wit dot dot dot?
Only wonder what would happen when you hear my voice. Would u just melt? By the way, you are on a timer; that number would self-destruct in another 5mins.
Hope your day is going as sexy as mine?
Ok Bye

HER: You really are smooth with your words. But I think you’d be the one to swoon if ever you do hear my voice (she sent the above after she called I didn’t pick)

ME: Aha! Someone has finally found her voice and her vice.
Awww,  little Lilly: I can’t wait to be drowned in the sonorous embrace of your enthralling tone. Hoping, however, “funly’, you don’t fall in love with mine and lose your touch and tame. Don’t say I didn’t warn you...
Alright, time’s up. Bye.
(immediately she received that, She called three times… I haven’t taken any…. making her sweat for it. )

Then, She just sent this: “Would you look at that, he’d rather not take a chance. I get it. You’d rather not hear my voice, so as not to fall in love and ruin your image. I totally get it, I wouldn’t want to either, and the possibility of losing them pretty babes with BBW, for a strange girl with a sweet voice

It’s cool your…….. whats the word….. ehm……. You know what, I’d rather not say

P.s, I did call”.

( I went radio silent till the next day. Let anticipation and curiosity have their toll on her while I sip my Dom Perignon! Life’s Soft!).
When she finally got to hear my voice? oh well, the rest of the story can be found in the annals of the life of a Double Don! Hehehe.

That conversation is from one of the social media. All I really wanted was her number and plant the love thingy in heart her! So right from the onset, I have set the tone for a possible relationship. If it is another thing I want, that is what I would plant. Hope someone gets it. We don’t just fun jab, we do that with a specific purpose and that is what drives us to have the conversation in the first place and everything we would say/do, act as to buttress that.

 Whatsapp student, MIKE Itoro’s comment:
I mean perfecting the act of making ladies droll over you with just words. It seems very magical to me..

My reply: Mmmm, didn’t know I cud do that (wink, wink). Words with magical wings pelt the heart and leave the limbs weak. But hmmm, you do know they respond swiftly to words then touch right? Unlike men that respond to sight.

To everyone reading this, writing is like colouring. You have to find the perfect blend to convert coarse canvas into a sublime piece of perfect perception. All I can do is show you the template and then the other little ish of rubbing minds with me, which you’re already doing by reading this drill. You’d have to do the thinking and the practice and perfecting the prime prance( lol)

There would be more on fun jabs as we roll on. This is to warm your wine up and lay before you, the endless sleek possibilities of words wrapped in the foil of fun jab, they intoxicate the female mind better than fine wine.

Has a girl ever asked you a question and your limbs went weak? Think up those nerve-wracking questions ladies ask. 5 of them and come with fun and effective ways of answering them. Let’s hear them in the comment box below.

Conclusively, come, lets us consider the next step on How to Build Self Confidence: Ball’s Superiority 

An eagle has no business fraternizing with a canary. But an eagle born into the company of home chicks has no knowledge of the enormous gliding nor soaring potential buried within its wings. 

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  1. How are you?

    Answer: I would have loved to answer that to sm1 i have wifed not just a strange barbie on fb. i would have a rethink if you sent that with the love smiley.

    if she does.

    i would just reply: sm1 is trying to make me cheat on my shugar mommy, but for ur safety m outta here.


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