How to Build Self Confidence: Impeccable Diction

How to Build Self Confidence: Impeccable Diction

Sense Pill:
Be armed with the magnetic force of fine words wine, you can never be wrong.

How to Build Self Confidence: Impeccable DictionHow to Build Self Confidence: Impeccable Diction; Impeccable diction is a grammatically flawless way of expressing yourself. Pitch perfect, just about right and relaxed. Conversing in words free of all intercontinental ballistic missiles( blunders) and garnished with the oratorical prowess only the gods can afford. it is the ability to hold one or a group of people spellbound with wits and wisdom, word gait and gumption, elicit laughter if you so suit, draw applause if you so wish, paint pity or the touch of love if you so desire. Make minds melt, hearts leap, head spin, feet weak, however, you so deem fit. Come learn, How to Build Self Confidence: Impeccable Diction

Be Free Of All Accents 

Furthermore, It is the ability to cross your ‘t’s and dot your “i”s while maintaining your sway and swagger in a confident, sonorous, attractive voice free of any Nigerian language accent. No, you can’t pronounce “soup“, as ” shhup” as the Western people do

Neither can you pronounce rice as lies as those from the East. You can’t pronounce people as fiple or photo as poto as the northerners. You can’t pronounce river as Ziver or Jump as Zump as those from the south (e.g.:  I zumped into the Ziver to cazz some fises , suku suku , suk my yansh and I zumped out as I southed Zesos!! ( Translation: I Jumped into the river to catch some fishes but got hurt on my butt by spikes, I jumped out as I shouted Jesus)!! Hahaha … The froplem of the Hausa fifle is the fronounciazion of za leza fee and elp.( Translation: the problem of the Hausa people is the pronunciation of the letter “P” and “F”.
If you are buffeted by these tongue shortcomings, you must consciously/slowly pick and pronounce your words. The only way to do that is to:

How To Improve Your Command of English

i. Ask google voice to pronounce the word and you repeat after it a couple of time. Your best bet is BBC Learn English( search on youtube or download their mobile app)
ii. Slow your speech pattern/speed when you relating with people
iii. To be good in pronunciations, idioms, figurative expression and a host of others, go buy Cambridge English Dictionary by Daniel Jones( and erm, Mr. Jones? You owe me some good dollar dough, winks)

Big turn offs

Avoid pidgin(Nigerian) English as a way of life. You cannot find gold in a quicksand either can you find crabs in the company of butterflies. Top executives have no business flowing pidgin. We are here teaching you the manly robes. We aren’t done learning English. Pidgin is mostly for touts and car park boys. No matter how expensive their jacket is, we know what the content of their brains is. Ladies like guys who can hold intelligent conversations, no matter the settings, in simple yet correct English. You do know that the difference between plantain chips n ‘kpekere’(Nigerian unbranded plantain chips) is in the packaging and we know which one cost more.

If you are to switch on some language charm, then speak your mother tongue or some foreign language, not Nigerian English.

Deep Relaxed Voice, Slow Speech Pattern

Ladies like deep bass or baritone voice. That is relaxed in speech, intelligent in thoughts and flows English without flaws or HARSH tags.  Don’t rush your words unless you want to pull some effects.
When you deliberately slow down your sentences and your voice relaxes,  your baritone comes out most times. Your voice must sound confident always. No stuttering, fidgeting or wavering. It takes 70% of the pressure off you when meeting a new lady and places it on them: If you can afford it, go for voice training. The type some of these radio presenters go for and come impinging on the public ears in a wack way.
Did bed two sisters a long time ago because my girlfriend, the elder one, made the mistake of giving her younger sister her phone to say hello to me. The younger one just fell in love with my voice. Next time guess who called me? Back then, yours truly took no prisoner but all that has changed. What I’m I saying? Your diction, intonation and pronunciation can pave way for you “wirelessly”. It is one of your most potent portions when you have collected numbers or when you get her number from strange sources other than from her.

Relearn English

NOTE: The English we learnt in school for exams is not just enough if we are to show mastery. Now, you have to make conscious efforts to really appreciate English and how to play with words, lines, and rhymes. This is the only way to make us better English Men

While at it, read a lot of novels from renowned authors, read inspired newspaper articles, fascinating blog posts. Watch BBC and download their English learning app; BBC LEARNING ENGLISH.

Have a jotter where you write words you don’t know their meanings, idioms, proverbs/wise saying and any other cool but exotic line you find intriguing. We have recommended a very good Dictionary to you earlier on

I read dictionary like textbooks back then in high school and because of this, I was a love letter consultant. Made lots of money and had lots of free lunch lol. All these happened before I even had a clue on how the mind of ladies works. I just figured out, back then, that big English turns their head and confuse their hearts! Lol

There are thousands of words, English words. How many do you know?

To improve on this, You must learn 5 new words daily( BT 5)

5 new words Daily. You not only learn them, you must also use them when conversing or writing. That is the best way to have them stick to you. Law of Repetition, very potent.

In a nutshell, to be good with pronunciation/diction, get rid of Nigerian accent, Read Novels, articles, listen to BBC and any other show they pronounce words rightly. Listen and pronounce after them.

Alright, think we’ve basically covered Impeccable Diction/words

I can’t stress it enough: avoid pidgin as much as possible when dealing with ladies. It breeds contempt, lack of respect, ‘razzness’

I have a rule: Never Speak Pidgin with any of my ladies. If she tries to do that, I tell her upfront without mincing words and with all air of seriousness, that the best way to lose me is to speak that in my abode.

Red Flags

I also have some words I don’t condone from ladies. You shouldn’t either. These words:

  1. Nevermind
  2. Forget it
  3. Whatever
  4. It’s my biz or none of your biz!
  5. I don’t know

: All those words are nothing but demeaning, disrespectful, disparaging. No jokes here. The very first time she uses it, squash it.

Whatever means I don’t care how you see it. Your thoughts are irrelevant, inconsequential here. So go screw yourself because I ’d do me. I don’t bloody care.

This is why you need to create your reality and live in it! Have principles that guild your life. Things you can and can’t tolerate.  Next time she uses it, you simply call her to order; look sternly into her eyes and tell her ‘ that is one of the words I don’t condone in my condor.’  Go ahead and list the others.

It takes some of them time to learn that and you have to be brutal sometimes when they use it: I drop the call, walk out on them, or I say “sorry what did you just say?”. Over time, they get the memo. Never let any slip by. Never! The thing with 10s is that they feel they are too hot and guys are supposed to cling to them no matter the crap they spew and brew, knowingly and unknowingly. They can’t be jilted and can always get any other guy in a blink. Well, it is your duty to show her a different perspective where the roles are  reversed

Sense Pill:

Leaders are Readers. They are nothing but people who have more solutions to the challenges of life than every other. 

Sense Pill: Buried within the warm embrace of books are wisdom untouched, solutions unknown and wealth untamed. Dare to read!

BT 5: Learn 5 new words daily. Tell me about them and their meanings in the comment section below. The most consistent commenter for two weeks wins a huge recharge! so let the words drop. As for BT 4, Increase your time to an hour as you add sets and rounds.

Having dealt with how to build self confidence with impeccable diction, we dive into  the next one: How to Build Self Confidence: Good Sense of Humour


5 Comments on “How to Build Self Confidence: Impeccable Diction

  1. Big Don I really appreciate your efforts on this,it has always been my Achilles heel and the main reason I avoid making conversation with anybody. I just concluded my part one in school and I made zero friends (both sex) simply because I was afraid I could fail. I’ve made up my mind to put everything in practice so I could be different like I always wanted.

    • If you are afraid to step out of the boat, you would never enjoy the thrills and frills of walking on water! The world is waiting to meet you and here you are too timid to talk! Instead of being afraid you could fail, start thinking how you could succeed and so many people can’t wait to have you talk to them! start thinking about how much of a blessing you are to this world. Think how you can impact lives daily with your well of wisdom and ways. Every morning before you go out, stand in front of your magnificent mirror and admire this masterclass of a being God crafted and crowned you with. Tell yourself that you are a plus to this world. Go out there and say hello to somebody! You would be glad you did!

  2. Thanks for this beautiful piece.
    I have this little issue when it comes to pronouncing certain letters like ‘S’ prolly because of my huge Diastema.Lol
    I don’t engage in lengthy conversations with ladies because of this! Is there any way to work around this??

    Ps… I’m good looking though.

    • Good looks could attract but wrong pronunciation would mos def repel.

      The Solution is for you to dedicate some time every day to pronounce the letters/words you find challenging within the comfort of your room as you stand before your mirror.

      2. When you are conversing, deliberately slow down your speech speed and as you consciously pronounce your words( slowing down your speech would help you to pronounce them in your mind first…)

      3. apply what we have recommended on the blog. Read … While at it, pronounce the challenging words out loud.

      Rich Regards

  3. I’m a stammerer and it’s affects my speech
    Most times i prefer silence…
    What can I do?

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