How to Build Self Confidence: Intro

How to Build Self Confidence

Do So, How to Build Self Confidence? Before you can conquer the world, you must first conquer yourself for what happens around you is nothing compared to what happens inside of you.

Sense Pill: Wars are, first, won in the mind.

To appreciate the power of the mind, look around you; consider all the wonders of mother earth – the magnificent edifices, the beautiful metals that fly in the skies, and all the man-made miracles! They were, at a point in time and for a moment, nothing but intangible thoughts. What you think about defines, to a large extent, what you are and become. Confidence, just like failure or success, is a product of the mind.

Based on the foregone, it can be deduced, without equivocation, that life is anchored on the mind. It is therefore expedient you get armed with the principles of the mind and in essence, boost your inner man.

Sense Pill 3:
Nothing as magnetic as a man sure of his steps, certain of his worth and in absolute control of his raving-prone balls. 

Self Confidence in this context is two-pronged:

a. Yourself: being fully aware that you are a plus to anyone you meet. You are like raindrops on the lips of a lonely desert. The first kiss of the sun’s ray upon the petals of a longing rose.

b.  Words: you know how to read people/situations, fit the right words together and flow them without taking a blink i. e. knowing what to say and how to say it( Quick wit- mental cleverness)
To be confident in life generally or around ladies, your inner man( the giant in you) needs to be woken up for it is a thing of the mind.  How do you achieve that? Well, there are certain physical and psychological boosters. In this section, we will deal with physical boosters only. Kindly find the psychological ones here 

a.  Personal Hygiene 
b. Sleek fashion sense 
c.  Voice tone/relaxed/collected personality 
d.  Impeccable diction/good command of Words
e.  Fun/attractive aura
f.  Quick wit(Good Sense of humour)
g. Body language
h. Proud of your Balls/guts/wits
i.  Always be first to round talks off(Never act clingy)
j. Create Your Reality and Live in it
k. Be Your Own Man
l. Most importantly YOU!  You were made to lead and the symbol of your authority is nothing but your BALLS. We focus on YOU in this Drill

The Pie

We will consider each of these boosters one after the other, on separate posts, because they are the bedrock upon which your life generally rest
Sleek lines, poems, impeccable diction can be improved upon by reading loads of fun novels, great newspaper articles, books, and watching cable news (CNN, BBC, Watch BBC learn English on youtube and download its app also). You would improve your ability to write poems by robbing minds with poets but nothing would beat the divine touch of an inspired soul.

Sense Pill:
Great leaders are voracious readers as some others are, the only difference is that they don’t just read nodding their heads. They read taking notes of important points and extrapolating such knowledge into real-life scenarios. 

Furthermore, If u can take care and get your guts( confidence) rev on, the sleeping giant in you would awake and take charge. You become what you constantly think of,  so think and talk positively. If you didn’t know, 80% of our conversation is none verbal.

They say what happens inside is what matters not what happens outside. Here I am with a different gospel: the inner man can only grow guts if you got these 8 boosters fired on.

In Conclusion

Don’t just think with respect to ladies alone, but use these to grow your confidence in life generally.
Like I told you, these drills are life anchors and ladies are a little part of the big puzzle. So, when you feed them, exercise them, they can’t but grow muscles and stand up for you when all around you seem to fail.

Having said that, I would love you to tell me about your weakness(es) around ladies. Yes, let’s hear what aspect of your life you would love to improve upon in the comment section below. Are you shy? Can’t start a conversation with a new lady? Moreover, do you run out of steam when chatting or talking on the phone with ladies? Let’s hear it. Because I can assure you that it would soon be history.

Next, we would dissect the first confidence booster:  Personal Hygiene

16 Comments on “How to Build Self Confidence: Intro

  1. hi, am very much happy for this great write up keep it up. well my weakness is that i get depressed, like i usually lose confidnt when a lady whines me, i hate ladys whining me,. smtime it happen to me with my fellow men, it jurt started lately

    • Ouch! Depression is no good gee. What corrective steps are you taking to overcome that?

  2. how do I get the girls to call back, most if not all tend to wait for me to be the one to always call. I must be doing something wrong

    • Girls are like scalar quantities while men are vector Qs in nature. For a scalar quantity to acquire a direction, it must be instructed by a vector quantity through simple combination( Hopefully, you did basic physics? lol)

      What the above mean in lay man’s terms is: as a man, you are meant to lead and direct them on what to do. Most especially if you are just meeting and getting to know each other. If you dont direct them, they would maintain their status quo state.

      So next time, instead of just dropping the call after saying your byes, this is how you drop the call: “Alright, I really need to go now, my other fans need me. call me before you go to bed. I got a hawt gist for ya! Ok, Bye.


      ” Work calls, call me when you get home( or when you are done cooking,cleaning, washing, when you arrive or call me by 7pm i would be free by then)”

      See? You have to direct them! if not, sorry. That is the only way to plant your thoughts in their subconscious minds.

      By the way, when they do call, keep it brief. Don’t exhaust their airtime.
      Make up a story and end the call after a min as you tell them you would call back in a jiffy. Sometimes, I don’t bother calling back. Lol

  3. hi
    Admin there is this problem am goin girl jus d fuck me up, i guess she friend zoned me.she dnt chat me, talk more of callin only if am d one t chat her or call her, she wud alwayz lik me t visit her,nd i do jus t mak her hapi

    • Your problem is that you lost your balls to her a long time ago. And your seeking her happiness instead of yours because of some wet clefts, got you into this ish. Best way out? Man up and start ignoring her hence forth.

  4. i met this girl a while ago we were cool and all after a single datebi asked her for sex she started acting cold towards me till date

    • If you were to be in her shoes would you act any differently? Common gee is she a whore? Even is she isnt, WE never ask ladies for anything! Kindly read the blog

  5. hi admin
    my girlfriend and I ve been dating for close to 3months now. we were together in the first one month. the love was okay then. but we are on long distance relationship now for the last two months. just recently, she has changed a bit. she no longer call like b4. I don’t seem to feel the love any more. thou I sent her a love text recently telling her how I love and missed her. but she replied telling me she loves me too and even more. but right now she keeps uploading guys pics and saying all those kinda loves shit and attachment of love emojis on them. she has been doing this for the past 3weeks now. always posting guys pics. I don’t know if she’s trying to make me jealous or something. am saying these cos there are times she do complain I ignore her chats on WhatsApp( like taking time to reply her). but I don’t tink that’s wat is making her behave this way. cos right now I can conclude she’s not investing much in the relationship as she use to.
    am thinking of dropping her or I should probably call her and ask her if she’s still serious with the rlstp or not whether she wants to roll with me or not.(if she says yes then I would warn her not to post those shits on her WhatsApp status anymore. if anyone should be doing that, then I should be the one, am the man. and I ve to decide and control what happens in the relationship) but my guys are telling me not to break. that I should just leave it at there and move on with my life

    what can you say about this.
    leave her hanging or break up with her or try to define the relationship again and know my stand. cos I don’t wanna waste my time

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  7. Hello admin
    My own problem is that i fine it hard looking at a girl eyeboard to eyeboard Even while talking to them it seem am losing my voice I forget totally what to say, can you help me with this

    • You need to work on your confidence(mind) and quick wit database.

      There are a couple of drills you would need to go through. You would just be super fine.

      shot me a mail. I need to ask you a few questions.

      Kindly tell your friends and their friends about this life-transforming blog.

      Rich Regards

  8. 1. Can’t start a conversation with a new lady.
    2. Run out of steam when chatting or talking on the phone with ladies.

    • How do you start a conversation with your female friends generally? DO you think about it or you just have what to say and jump right in?

      About running out of steam, we are currently cooking up a post to take care of that.

  9. 1. Can’t start a conversation with a new lady.
    2. Run out of steam when chatting or talking on the phone with ladies.

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