Dating Secret : Introduction

To better understand this dating secret (drill) and it’s essence( showing men their true status right from creation), let me take you back in time. (Before you continue reading this, check out our glossary first. You would be glad you did)..

Man And His Balls At Creation

There came a day, God made man and placed him in charge of all he had created. God even brought all created animals to him to put a final touch to them by giving them names. So it was that whatsoever Adam called them, stuck to them till date. He even had the privilege of naming Eve; Woman! However, Adam got so lonely after the morning hour’s fellowship with God. This was what lead to forming Eve. A help suitable, a companion.  And so they dwell joyfully with Adam feeding the family from the fruits and vegetables gathered and animals he killed. Until one fateful day, he let Eve that sole role and plunged the whole human race into great sufferings, lack, bondage, and disarray!
You would notice that when Eve was deceived and ate the fruit, nothing happened. Heaven did not move. But immediately Adam ate of it, heavens reacted. God was sore displeased, he came down furious! Such was the authority of man. He was made to hold sway and lead his family/relationship with the deft touch of a practiced professional.

How does this relate to d topic at hand?

Well, I needed you to appreciate the fact that right from creation, God placed man in charge. To direct the affairs of his home and take control because he knows that women can think so deeply, coolly and calmly, just that they end up thinking with their HEARTS instead of their HEADS

Now, here is the crux of the issue: never in the annals of the human earthly walk has man been so challenged for this God-given right by women than in this 21st century.  This is why this dating secret is here; to wake up the Men in-dwelling within boys. For like Nebuchadnezzar in the wildness, men have eaten too much grass off the hands of women. It is high time we realized and assume our sole right!

Moreover, by default, girls know that the man is meant to lead but like Jacob, they’ve been subtly stealing this control orb from men through various tests and demands and just like Esau, men have been falling unwittingly to this trap.
This is where these drills come in: to open the eyes of guys to the very essence for which we were born with Balls and stop selling ourselves short because of the high point in-between a woman’s thighs.

Sense pill 

The greatest conquest of all time is that of vClef! To be truly free, men must learn to live without it. For it is the greatest undoing of mankind second only to money.

Furthermore, we aim to demystify the world of women and let guys a glimpse into how their mind works. But before that, we would take you by the hands and wake up the sleeping confidence giant in you. Because what happens on your inside controls, to a great extent, what happens around you.  Having armed you with mannish aura and confidence, we would take a look at meeting new ladies, first call/chat( how to act, what to say etc). We would also discuss taking things to a passionate physical level; How to kiss, smooch and get down( Executive Members would have access to my naughty chat history, sleazy videos and a host of others). Thereafter, we will teach you how to keep the relationship going by maintaining the attraction, proposal, marriage, men’s health and a lot more!

On A Strong NOTE

Every post you are about to go through on this blog is to make you a better man in life generally and help you wife that lady of your dream. Some of you would become pro just by reading and applying what you learn from this drill. However, do realize that we are not here to turn you into some randy rascal (Players) whose singular idiosyncrasy is a penchant for the cleft between a woman’s thighs. There is more to life than sleeping with different ladies and breaking multiple hearts. Don’t make the mistake some of us made; some died in the process, others are battling with various degrees of ailment now while others are languishing in prison. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.



Having gotten that out of the way, let’s Build your confidence  

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