Dating Secrets Glossary


For an effective comprehension and flow through this blog, here are terms used throughout this drill and their definitions. You are used to some of them ( but may mean different things to us). Others you might not be used to.


  1. Balls – The understanding of the fact that you were made to lead;  ‘Manish’ gut. Impetus. To have Balls is not your height, size of your dick-sack nor muscles but the confidence buried in your heart and the ability to live your life without recourse to pleasing anybody at your expense.
  2. Boss Balls -This is the application of balls; moving with the full wit and ways of a true man. Rolling Royal.
  3. Boss Ball laws – Living codes of the true man.
  4. Sendless -This is the ability to live your life no matter whose horse is gored. Say and do things because you want to not because some soft bone cajoled you to
  5. Witty – Showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humour, mental cleverness
  6. Fun Line(heart magnet, fun hook) – word(lines) that elicit laughter and acts as chick magnets
  7. Jrod – man’s main reproductive/fun weapon, his third leg; of different sizes and shapes usually one of the smallest organ in the body but like a rudder on a ship, control the full being (stupidly most times)
  8. Vclef – woman’s reproductive/fun organ. One of the banes of the existence of weak guys
  9. Ball Task( BT) These are practical Tasks( usually at the end of every post under drill nuggets) related to each and every post. They serve as to help inculcate the ideas of these posts into the reader until he is armed with such secrets
  10. Sense Pills – These are relationship/dating pills that serve to cure Manish weakness, witlessness, cluelessness in the world of women, balllessness, friendzoness. They not only inform, they also prevent, immune and cure. They are the pillars on which this Blog rest. Every post is summarised therein.
  11. Line Of Note (LON) – This is a first-time magnet. A line of words you drop into the mind of a new cherry you just met, and burn your fun image eternally in her head. When you hear Abraham Lincoln what comes to your mind first? How about Hitler?
  12. Off Notes – Weird attractive things that help attract the attention of ladies.
  13. TP – Target Practice – These are ladies you are not sexually attracted to but are fun to be with. Therefore, perfect ladies to practice the ideas you pick off here on.  Because who you ain’t sexually attracted to, gets so crazily attracted to you and hence can take any bull you pull on them.
  14. Wify Material/Long Term Prospect (WM/LTP) – The Rose; A lady that has your 80% of your requirements and you would gladly walk down the aisle with any day.
  15. Friends For Benefits (FFB) – This a mutual agreement where the guy provides financial juice( pays the lady’s bills) while the lady satisfies his sexual needs (and helps him clean and cook very rarely). This is what is obtainable with a lot of students. But it is such a silly idea because it is one of the major ways gurls milk weak guys. It is meant to be a 50-50 mutual benefit to both parties. but it is usually 80-20 to the favour of the girls. Think of it, do they not enjoy the sexual thrills too?
  16. Side Chick (SC) –  A flower that plays an auxiliary role to your Rose and we use them to keep Rose in check. They have a propensity of been promoted to main chicks. Real men never touch flowers when the rose is not going off a rail.
  17. SideChickZone: This is a place men, that know their onion, keep ladies that can go out of their ways to please them.
  18. Reverse Psychology – Going forward, we must learn the act of going backward. This is one of the major weapons girls use to keep men bound for life. What some people call FORMING HARD TO GET. The way to get ladies easily is never to be upfront about what you really want. This leaves them in a state of limbo. He loves me, he loves me not. Very attractive!
  19. Soft Bone – A lady, girl, soft soul, Cherry bloom, smallie, soft doll, mucheche,
  20. Sharamuta( Cheap serve): A Hooker( per as you go). We usually advise you avoid this kind of ladies
  21. Friendzone – A state of limbo all ladies place guys that they derive (huge/some) benefit from but they are not sexually attracted to. This is a prison for imps/wimps. An eternal resting place for the weak guys who live their lives in pursuit of vClef. Guys who readily place the wants and happiness of ladies over theirs.
  22. Drill Nuggets – This is a chapter in Dating Drill( The book). It is a quantum dose of dating pills.
  23. Girl Grades: Totally physical; we grade girls( at first sight) based on their looks, height and endowments from 4 – 10! the 10s been the hottest!
  24. Big Deddy/Yours truly: Anywhere you see these words, I am referring to my Ballful self. Don Juan. Yes,  Don Pro. lol

To Do
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3. Read the posts in a chronological order because they are like building blocks. Don’t break the sequence so that you can gain maximally off the drills.

4. At the end of every post, we have Ball Tasks(BT; refer to the glossary to know what they mean). You must carry out each and every BT. They help you practicalize what you have learnt.

5. Always use our balls’ comment box at the end of every post to ask questions, make general comments, give improvement recommendations/suggestions, participate in our balls’ competitions and interact with me personally. I would always respond promptly.

6. There are two balling levels; the Rookie Readers’ Ranch( RRR) and the Executive Members’ Lounge(EML). RRR is always visible and open to everybody but EML is private and only accessible and visible to a privileged few( in here, very few words are used. rather they have unreserved access to loads of my top private stuff. My Magic Wand. Find out).

7. Within RRR, by the right side of this page are Drill Categories:

This is where you should start from. Under each category are posts; the number(s) in braces. Some category like Drill Nuggets have groups. Click any of the groups to access posts therewith. Kindly note that the categories/groups would would increase constantly as we go on.

8. Finally, I cannot overemphasize the importance of practice.


All sense pills, Ball tasks and our followers’, past students’ quotes appear in these cards. They serve as to pull attention to them at a glance. The colour they come in, determine what they are. Red = Sense Pill, Blue = Students and Followers Comments/Questions, Orange = Ball Task , Green = Ball’s Principle.

Having gotten yourself acquainted with our ballful verbiage, let’s get to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

This blog or Drill Nugget is split into two balling groups; Executive Members & Rookie Readers. The executive section is not visible to the general public( you need special access). while the rookie section is made up of related posts and ball tasks you must complete before you move on to the next post. Posts are like building blocks. Don’t break a sequence. 

Within this blog, the way up is the way down; you must start with the posts at the bottom and gently work your way up. The link to the next post is usually at the end of every other post. Kindly follow sequentially.

Up next, we look at the audience this blog is made for

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