Girls’ Green Light Unraveled

Girls' Green Light Unraveled

Girls’ Green Light unraveled!
Here lies the bane of  existence of all that is logical( men) from all that is illogical( girls). Girls’ green light is as old as the sun, as delicate/complex as the brain and as twisted as time.  How can a totally emotional being, that society frown at when they go expressive about their inordinate desires, pass on same to the opposite gender without the judgemental prying eyes of the world shone on her? How can she keep her dignity while telling a guy she wants him to ride her hard in public?  How can she say ‘I’m horny’ to a new guy without being seen as a lil slut? How can she ask a new guy, across the hall, out without actually asking him out? How can she screen out the average, weak and nice guys from the real men that are able to decode this secret language? She sends off her indecent probes in form of green light. To the guy that gets it, belongs the spoils. While the majority that do not, term her confused(girls don’t know what they want) and go home wondering why they have been friend-zoned. Oh poor nice guys! 



It is survival of the fittest. Just as nobody taught the spermatozoa that formed you where the fertilization hole is located on the egg before it plugged in nor did anybody teach you how to suck breasts at your tender age, so also you must learn to figure out girls and their green lights. In this post, we would examine girls’ ways of coded communication, their underlining meanings and teach you how to read them easily. They are not as complex as society term them. A lil light from me through this drills and booOOOM; you get it! Alright, come, not a sound and wipe that confused look off your face, let me walk you through with Girl’s Green Light unraveled! 

What is Girls’ Green Light?

This is the body language or calculated piece of action/words ladies put up to ‘codedly'(secretly) communicate their intentions and wants to the opposite gender without as much as saying a word. They send out these probing signals to either attract, seduce or pass on some intricate and rather explicitly implicating unspeakable words. Green light can also be used to filter the men from the boys. Welcome to a world of double entendre. Double what? Ehmm chill, let me explain,

Double entendre: is a word or phrase open to two interpretations, one of which is usually induced or risqué (indecent). Two meanings; the most glaring one is so innocent and generally termed alright (this is the one that everybody, including average guys, understands). The other is a direct opposite( indecent). Usually, when ladies swing like this, they are not out to be innocent.  Rather they hope to coat their wild cat demeanor in a casing that is generally acceptable. Double entendre has a close cousin called Innuendo: An allusive or oblique remark or hint, typically a suggestive or disparaging one in reference to a person or thing not named; an insinuation. Has a girl smiled at you before and

Girls’ Green Light Unraveled

you decided to go over and say hello but on getting there, she totally blew you off? How about that your street girl that is always saying greeting you whenever you pass by but the very day you decided to get her name and number, she asks; “My name is not necessary and what do you need my number for?” I also know you have been sex chatting with a hawt lady but immediately you arranged a meet at your crib, she shows up, you tried to touch, she told you to STOP. Then you were left with a Standing Ovation JRod! oops! But I thought she liked me? Well, there you have it! Double faced demons! Hahaha.


Why Girls Use Green Light

It is a man’s world and for thousands of years, women have laboured laboriously under the highly intolerant, extremely oppressive and closely controlling eyes of the world. Here, their actions and speeches are tightly monitored and judged but, with man’s ability to adapt to different situations, women, deploying their communication mastery, found a way to ‘codedly‘ communicate their naughty ideas sweetly hidden in plain, innocently looking,  language.

Girls’ Green Lights/Words And Their Meanings

1. Meet a lady at a gathering and she smiles at you or compliments your look, or just jolts from mild mood and starts talking/laughing loudly with her friends and been all other the place while stealing glances at you or she  walks past you frequently than usual. Means she likes you and would want to know you more. This is an obvious invitation for a chat and contact exchange. Do not blow it with your first line!
2. She came visiting and keeps looking at her watch and if you don’t still get it, goes a step further to tell you she would soon be leaving, plays with her hair, looks at you intently(dreamily), lies on the bed(facing the wall) forming sleep Do you need a soothsayer to tell you that she wants you? But however, you still need to tread carefully and not rush it? Ladies have control nobs you  need to gently tune up unlike men that have flip on switch. When you notice all these signals, you apply the principle: 3 steps forward, two steps back. You send out your wet inducing signals.
3. Calls you over the phone saying she is bored, lonely, cold, hot, feeling somehow, she just wants someone she can talk to, ask if you are at home, asks about what you are doing, tells you she is hungry All these and many more means she wants to see you! How you act thereafter determines if you would be riding the waves of euphoria or not
4. Meet a new one and she is already asking if you have a girlfriend? Brotherly, she is trying achieve two things: a) check up if the coast is clear for invasion. b) trying to see if you are man enough to tell her you got a girl( She already knows you do! Spiritual or physical. lol)
5. Don’t you think you are moving to fast?  It means you just punched a wrong dial that moment. Took a wrong step. It could also mean she is trying to deploy delay tactics by manipulating you into line. You must know the difference.
6. I would not sleep over I am trying to test you if you would tow the line of your fore-fathers and reel out wimpy lines.
7. I’m I fat? I know I am fat, heck my clothes do not even fit into me again but I want you to tell me that you love me just the way I am( manipulative statement, beware). I would not wait till they ask me before I start calling them Fatima, Fati bum bum… lol…. Get that your fat ass over here to Big Deddy… *Pulls her close*
8. No touching for you this night Open check that could swing either ways, depending on your response. If you respond with a needy line, statement becomes valid. If you respond sendless, touching shall follow you.
9. Always demanding things Let’s see if we can turn him to a maga and friendzone him or if he is man enough to sway me with a NO sometimes.
10. What do you do Let me quickly find out if you can take care of me.
11. Where are you from? I want to quickly find out if you are from Don’s( the heartless bastard who broke me heart) state. So I can run now
12. I like you as a friend or i value our friendship Kindly know that I am not attracted to you sexually but I don’t want to lose all the financial benefits i derive from you( manipulative statement, beware). Guys, don’t ever smile at this statement. You must always respond with: You cannot afford to be my friend. I would tell executive members the next line of thought.
13. I have a boyfriend I want to find out two things: a) If you are man enough to see through that statement and gun for what you want. b) I want to keep you in check and in line so that when we are together and I turn MTN customer agent because of the numerous guys I have, you wouldn’t take it personal. Remember, I did you a favour by accepting you in the first place, right?
14. What do you need my name/number for? Your manner of approach was wack. I don’t like your personality. Or I want to see if you can find your ways through challenging forests or give up like a wimp.
15. Whatever I don’t care what you think, I would do me
16. Never-mind/Forget it Don’t bother. You wouldn’t even understand if I tell you. I don’t have the strength to fight with you today. You cannot do anything to help my situation, so no need telling you( manipulative statement, beware). She is hiding something. Beware
17. It is none of your business I could careless about the filth you have to say. I don’t like you and you need not interfere in my affairs. Or it could be a challenge you need to place your foot down if she is your woman already.
18. Yes/No/Maybe Yes=Maybe/no. No = Maybe/ most often, yes.  Maybe= No
19. He is just a friend/best friend/course mate Brotherly, when the hand of the monkey last too long in a pot of soup, it turns to that of a human, be warned. Ladies trivialize and try to make guys look stupid for ever thinking otherwise. Your hunch is mostly right. The Don does not joke with his well developed gut feelings. Develop yours also and save yourself a lot of aches.
20. He is my best friend and I’ve known him even before we met He is a guy I got under wraps and can stand me dating you. He also knows his place and appreciate it when he tastes cookies sometimes. I benefit from him too.
21. There is this guy that has been asking me out He is turning my head already and I want to know how you feel about sharing( manipulative statement, beware). If I can be open to you well I hang out with him. If you are cool with me screaming your name while he browses VClef. It is not time to ooze off jealous airs. huff and puff. It is a time to be a calculated man.
22. A guy said he wants to marry me Manipulative statement to achieve two aims: a) I want to know where this relationship is heading. If I’m wasting my time or not. All this while I’ve been waiting for you to pop the question b) Cajole you into doing the right thing by making you skip steps and jump start! A new light shines. Ouch!
23. I need some space I told that other guy I’m tripping for that we are no more together. I’m tired of this boring relationship. A guy has proposed to me or got me stuck on his money. I’m gone.
24. I can never cheat on you Manipulative . Watch it. Maybe she is cheating already.
25. What do you take me for? A cheap slut? Girls that ask this question, mostly are actually cheap sluts. You approached the subject wrongly. Never place your third foot(Jrod) forward.
26. “Forgets” her pants and bra at your place She didn’t forget. She is just trying to mark her territories to warn off other girls
27. Can you teach me how to sing/play a musical instrument/dance etc? I like your person and would love to spend more time with you but I don’t how to. Don’t be a needy duck however.
28. Can you come help me fix my Mirror/curtain/Fan etc How else do you want me to tell you that I want you? Or I want you as an errand boyfriend.
29. Could you help me charge my phone? *she plugs it, sits and start watching your movie with you or requests one and she is wearing only Nighty with her perky boobs peeping through? I like your person and since you don’t seem to have me time, I take my chances here. A fix my memory in your mind. Seduce the animal in you out.
29. Buys gifts for you, call you pet names, notice when your hair is bushy and recommends you visit the barbing loon, compliment your looks, stutter when talking with you All these mean one thing: She so much likes you. One or two sendless touch from you would have ripple effects. Be ready to marry gee. lol
30. Tell me about your family Wonder what life would be like living it with you. Would your mother accept me? Is your family like the one I would love to marry into?
31. A guy friend tried kissing me last night when i went out with the girls Boyfriend, we actually f**ked but I don’t know how you would feel if I tell you. So I would rather brush the surface.
32. I visited my old family friend that just came into the country He was my ex and I slept with him. But that detail is off radar.
33. My tummy aches I’m having cramps. My period is out. My mood might swing this period. I need a little care. Show me some love.
34. If you don’t have money, hid your face I am a cheap serve( per as you go) and my love/vjay sells to the highest bidder
35. Can you take care of me? I am not interested in the preaching of love, what can you offer?
36. Locks her phone saying she values her privacy Brotherly, she is either cheating on you emotionally or physically! Or she is planning to. Or she just got a potential maga she video chats with and sends all sorts of nudes.
37. All men are the same/dogs I have been heart broken a couple of times, now, love is not my thing. Show me the money.
38. Saw your missed call, was not close to my phone and I didn’t have airtime to call you back I want you to send me airtime. Besides, I actually ignored your call. I was busy with some hawt dude
39. Sorry who is this? / I lost your number/ just got a new phone I noticed your are not contributing any meaningful thing to my life, I had to delete your number. Or I know who you are but since it’s bee long you called, i would pretend I have no idea who you are and punish you. Or I am trying to impress my guy that is lying here with me.
40. Drops call after a couple of hellos and then switch off the phone She is with a guy and you are trying to mess the moment up.
41. I cannot date a broke guy I am all for the money. Love can rot in hell.
42. No single pimple this month I’m in my period. Or I just got out of it

Sense Pill

They wear make-up to mask their true face, Fix nails, hair, lashes, wear pads/push up bras, attach boobs, strap hips/booties, rock high heels to makeup for their short legs. Yet you take what they say literally? You are amidst men, most miserable.

The list is endless. but with these, you get a good head start into the workings of a woman’s mind. The worse thing you can do to yourself as a guy is take everything girls say at face value. You must learn to see through their words and review the true meanings therein if you would be sleek in meeting girls

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