How To Deal With Rejection From Ladies

How to deal with rejection from ladies

How do you deal with rejection from ladies?  Life is a big puzzle and because we arrived here highly powered with no earthly manual, we assume challenges as a bane on our existence, like a clog on the wheels of our progress and therefore equate them to part of the negativities of life

but they really aren’t. Crude gold can never bask in its true expensive glory if it refuses to go through the romance of a hot furnace. The eaglet would never learn to fly if the mother eagle does not scatter the nest and push them out of same from the high peak of a mountain. The monkey that refuses to jump from one tree to the other because it is afraid of heights, would die of hunger. That people fly and plane crash does not mean we should fly no more. Don’t be an R. Kelly.

Challenges are to groom us to think up solutions. heck, you are placed here as a solution to a special worldly challenge. Remember Adam?  Have you ever sat down to ask yourself how he was able to tend to the garden of Eden? How he was able to name all animals? How he was able to live with eve, feeding, protecting her etc? Yes, I do believe,  these were challenges for him but he did figure a way out in all of them.

So also in this world and that of women, you must find your feet and in this case,  when rejected by ladies!

The best of us have been rejected,  one way or the other

But he who wins must have been counted out a lot of times, just that he ignored the referee and his whistle.

If you read the story of great men, men of massive impacts, you would most certainly notice one glaring thing; they were at one point or the other rejected in their lives. But they have one thought process in mind: “ We never quit”. Never give up, never give in. They want something, they go all out for it.

Life threw lime at them, they quickly learned to make lemonade. Read the inspiring stories of;

  1. Helen Keller: A prolific American author, political activist, and lecturer who was the first deaf-bling person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. She was asked at a point in illustrious life, “ Helen, you were born deaf and blind, how come you are so successful?” she replied, Blind minds are worse than blind eyes!
  2. Nicholas James Vujicic: Born with no arms or legs, but today a graduate with Bachelor’s degrees in accounting and financial planning, an evangelist and motivational speaker. He is also married with two kids and can swim like a fish! His favourite quote? “No arms, no legs, no worries!
  3. Franklin Roosevelt: Struck with polio and became paralyzed from the waist down before he turned 40 But went on to become four-term president  (record till date) and helped to lead the United States through the second World War

This is why a positive perspective is very vital in the mill of the mind. Surrounding circumstances matters very little. What counts is what you have set out to achieve in life. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lonely-814631_1280-1024x682.jpg

Human mind psychology
Fearful (Negative) Mentality

Some guys get rejected and they swear never to embarrass themselves ever again, withdraw into their shells and live very lonely lives. See ladies with all the properties they pray for and with their tails between their legs, walks on by. ‘Let’s respect ourselves‘ they think to themselves. While on their bed at night, they regret not stopping them and getting their digits. They live through life on this low key and finally settle into marriage with a lady totally below their expectations. The beginning of frustration.

Positive (Daring) Mentality

Another set of guys get rejected,  it annoys,  oh it hurts!

But they turn the pain around and ask themselves cogent questions on what they did wrong and how they can improve and then give it another go. Life throws this set of guys lemons and they readily make lemonade. They see any rejection as a spur and with a steely resolve, fine-tune their shortcomings.

Why Guys Gets Rejected

Most rejections are two prongs: faults from the guys and from the ladies.

Guys’ side

  • Lack of confidence brought about by fear of fine women ( read more about that and how to overcome it  here
  • wrong approach
  • wrong choice of words
  • wrong voice tone
  • wrong eye contact/body contact
  • too forward flirty airs
  • Inability to read her mood/environment Etc……

and on the ladies’ side

  • Not in d right frame of mind (major reason)  
  • Eternally stuck in the sauce of sauciness and hostility from past failed relationships
  • Intellectually not sound ( kindly avoid these type of ladies and the ones below. They feel their bodily features are enough to get them through life and think very little of about proving their mental capacities. Hence, their vjays bear the brunt of their fallow brains
  • lack of sense of Humour (these are the boredom set. They cannot create humour and lack a sense of it too! Avoid them)

From the foregone,  it can be deduced, therefore,  that the bulk load of getting rejected or not lies within the filthy palms of the  guy

How To Avoid Rejection

To avoid rejection or reduce it to bearest minimum,

  • Learn to read moods /facial expression and use same to your advantage.  You must know how to filter through the normal F-off signs on every fine lady’s forehead and expressions of pain,  worry,  heartbreak,  sickness and monthly ladies’ moments( flow). You can’t imagine how many fines bones I have reined in because I was sensitive enough to know she is experiencing pains of that time of the month and I showed a little concern/care.

Let’s dwell a little on some pointers here.  Because this is one of the best ways to hook her and make them feel you are some sorts of god.

You should know that when they are in this mood and you are able to detect that and show a little understanding and concern,  you not only get them cheaply,  the road to the bed is shorter (Not that I advocate that) because if a lady is free talking to you about this, she would not be so reserved chatting naughty, naughty with you.

Sense Pill:

if you can bring out the naughtiness in a lady, you have laid her already whether immediately or a year after.

This is when you tune down the fun jabs.  Meeting ladies entails more than having fun lines an making fun of them. Sometimes,  we abandon our fun selves and show a little concern, a little crude care while watching to make sure the nice gee inside of us don’t go on autorun on us.

Maybe I’m confusing someone now?

Here are signs to look out  for to be able to tell when a lady is in her period:

  1. Strange looking pimples on a pale face
  2. Pale face/dull moods;  A girl whose tummy is on fire( from cramps) has no time for makeups. If ever they wear some, it is usually very light and shabbily done, unlike their best days.
  3. Any sign of discomfort within the lower region ( tummy). When she always want to sit.

Kindly note that it is not every lady that feels pains during tomatoes selling days of the month.

good at reading moods

  • Just as we learnt how to read,  we also develop how to keep a conversation flowing.

Here are some skills to adopt:

  1. First off, is a quick wit. Have fun/naughty answers to any question. I cannot emphasise this enough. You must develop this because it would help you in all facets of life; be it project defence, being in a tight corner generally, when pitching a product to a client and of course,  when dealing with these soft bones. They would push you to the corner with questions. Constantly put your through balls stealing test and generally test why you should continue spreading them.

As a boyfriend or husby, you must learn to think quickly on your feet n produce master class answers. The only way to be good at that is to think up different situations and tight corners you might be in and have ready answers. e.g. What if I come home and a girlfriend sees a lipstick stain on my shirt? How do I respond to her question about that?

What if I ask for her number and she says she doesn’t give her number to strangers? Or I try to chat her up and she’s all crude and rude?

Kindly note that my brother has experienced the lipstick stained shirt with his wify and when she hit him with questions about it,  he began to stutter. The shirt became mine after that because she forbade him from wearing it. He lost some respect too.  Quick wits would save you a lot. You can literarily turn an ugly situation around to your rep

  • Have a positive mindset. See rejection as part of life. Because it is not everybody that would like your face or personality. That a lady lacks sense of humour and is not sociable is no fault of your. SImply move on. It is her lose.
  • Roll with boss balls. Every morning, stand before the mirror and say to your self, ‘ I am a special breeed, one of a kind out of the 8 billion people that plough the earth. I know I am a blessing to anyone I meet today. When you step into the day, let these thoughts guide your day. Any lady is lucky to have you talk to them. 
  • Always dress neatly and smartly, smile, move with confidence, use good cologne, look neat and have a good command of mother English.

How to deal with rejection

The best way to deal with rejection is to see it as a little test in your trying to be a better-balanced man. You must love rejection, smile about it, shake your head and tell her if only she knows better she would grab you with both hands and not let you go. This is how to get over rejection. have it at the back of your mind that rejection would come and have the immigrants mentality; hope for the best, expect the worse. That way, if anything happens, it does not knock you off your pecking

Next we look at how to overcome the fear of fine ladies

Ball Test: Think of the worse that could happen and produce answers to it whether in d office,  in school,  at home etc

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