How to Build Self Confidence: Ball’s Superiority

How to Build Self Confidence: Ball's Superiority

How to Build Self Confidence: Ball’s Superiority simply means being proud of your personality. Your likes, dislikes, ideas, endowments, your greatness, the man you are and your life!

Have you listened to sales executives selling their products before? They could talk you into buying a little piece of crap in the most confident, pitch-perfect English construct.  Literarily make you believe the product is one of a kind and fix all your worries without any hitch and if you don’t buy the product, you would be missing out on a whole lot. They believe in the product. This is the same skill you must develop to weak the limbs of ladies, make them feel you are a keeper and swiftly give you their heart for keeps if you so suit.

Being Proud of Your Balls Entails

  1. knowing you are one of a kind ( there has never been any like you nor is there going to be hereafter. This is what I call Balls Superiority. You are like the Lion in the Jungle, the eagle that rules the waves and rides the tides!)
  2. You bless lives with fun, laughter and loads of stuff with your presence and the world is a better place with you in it.
  3. Being fully convinced that any lady you chose to be with is VERY lucky to have you.
  4. You are the very best there is of your kind
  5. It also means you guard your balls with your life and never let these tiny soft sweet souls toil with it.
  6. it involves knowing when to engage in fun conversation, smile, walk out, raised dust, place your foot down, give direction, take the lead and live the royal life you were fashioned for.
  7. It entails knowing who you are and living in that very lane

Don’t Just Jerk Off!

While at it, kindly note that being proud of your balls isn’t anything related to been a “dick” and been crudely rude to ladies in particular or people in general.  You must appreciate the difference and stay in the positive lane.

Sense Pill:
A man worth his balls must first learn the dignity in silence. You must know that as a man, it is good to be open to the ONE but not so open your brains fall out. 

You Are One Of A Royal Kind!

Armed with this, you would not attach too much importance to any lady rather, you would attach it to yourself. Yes! Even the world minds those with importance. Men that know their worth and aren’t cowed by any. This is why you should seek to add value to your life in whatever format. They fuel your worth. Henceforth, when you meet a new one, have that super smooth air of a balanced practised pro. Like a doctor about examining a patient. Like a teacher educating his student.

Sense Pill:
Remember: He who knows he is Royalty does not quake at the feet of his subjects. It is an anathema for an employee to interview an employer. Know your worth. Live your worth. Act your worth. No, your worth isn’t in the content of your pockets nor the length of JT, your worth is in the contents of your cranium and the hugeness of your balls! 

With this air of self-realization, your crooked voice becomes the most sonorous. Your bulging funny-looking eyes becomes sexy. Your ugly face becomes enchanting. Your body becomes sacred only a few can touch. Your smile becomes a turn-on tonic. In short, your life becomes a fountain ladies drools to draw from! You walk into their lives and their defences come crumbling. Mess up their heads and their hearts. Upturn their, once upon a time, coordinated world as you awake the naughtiness buried in their being. “it is like telling them to go to hell in such a way, they look forward to the trip” lol!
                                                                                                ….Mike ( Ex Whatsapp group student)

How to Build Self Confidence: Ball’s Superiority

Sense Pill: A man who must glean wisdom off the wise must first be a master of books.

  1. You must develop your mind through the eternal jungle of books. Be versed in subjects and current in news. Have your opinion about happenings and be balanced in life.
  2. Acquire skills. there are two things you cannot lose: skills and knowledge( bundled with wisdom-insight and understanding). Let the whole world crumble, these two would always stand by you. Money can wear wings overnight but a refined talent is an eternal buddy.
    3. Know your worth. Never settle for less no matter how long it takes you to acquire that you desire.
    4. Learn to listen more and talk less. If ever you open your mouth, let wisdom flow.
    5. Always seek to proffer solutions. Whether in life generally or when with ladies

Conclusively, out of all the ingredients I listed above, which do you think is most potent to you? let’s hear it in the comment box. While at it, increase your workout time to an hour thirty minutes with new roles. Also, increase your daily new English words to 7.

The next mental meal on this mega menu is How to Build Self Confidence: Quick Wit

Sense Pill:
Remember: you were born to be real, not perfect! So take the reed and the lead.

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  1. listening more and talking less does it for me.

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