How to Build Self Confidence: Be The First To Roll

How to Build Self Confidence: Be The First To Roll

How to Build Self Confidence: Be The First To Roll. Real men never act clingy (whether with ladies or in life generally); with a wave of the hand, drop in voice tone or an outright crude walk on by, the conversation is over and she is left awed as to who you really are. Kindly note that the ability to air your views in few words and move on when the ovation is loudest makes you desirable and that knowledge spurs your ego on.  It starves people of your fun air and they look forward to hearing you again.  Ladies apply this in another way on guys when they form hard-to-get and don’t we chase them so?! The basic law of Economics states that the scarce the commodity, the higher the price. Never wait until you become a nuisance or start red jabbing like a jerk before you call the robes. Some folks across the street call it role shifting. 

Drop The LON( Line of Note), Get The Digit, Get Out!

Deliver the punch line (Line of Note – LON; this engraves your weird fun memory in her brain and helps you to avoid the most annoying question from a new soft soul:” who is this?” ), get the digit and get out. This makes them look forward to talking with or meeting you again. It sets you apart from regular guys that would want to cling on and become nuisances. When you are able to break off when the ovation is loudest, you make them feel you are manly and able to control your life and the circumstances around you.

Always Be First To Round It Off And Walk

This makes people yearn to have you the more, yearn to be with you, yearn to hear you more. Suspense and curiosity are such powerful tools, they attract people world over, ladies et all. Always be the first to walk. Be the first to cut the call, walk on by, round off one-one meetings (with ladies, do it when the ovation is loudest: as she is laughing so hard, you tell her: ” keep it down Bae, people are going to think we are making love wirelessly here now!”

She would continue the crackle then you tell her, ” alright that’s it, good luck with them skitos and roaches, Don’s out!” and you walk on by or drop the call etc.

Some would hold you, cajole you to stay, depending on how you read the situation, you either ball off or punish her with words thus ” promise you wouldn’t rape me if I decide to stay”…

Never Act Clingy

This is the best way to lose your balls and brains and that lady meant for you.  For the longer you linger, especially with a new one, the less attractive and fun you would become. If you ever get to that point where she tells you “good night”  first whether on calls or otherwise, just know that doomsday is close by.

Sense Pill
For from little mustard seeds grows the iroko tree. A lot of things we take for granted are the things ladies have been using to ride us. Now it’s time to wake up

Some Discussion Ending Fun Lines 

  • Alright, I ’m yet to make up my mind if it was fun chatting with you or not, but I got-ta-go now, bye”; and you are gone.
  • Gtg, I’d expect your call by 7 pm, bye
  • Got to go go, my other female fans need me, bye
  • you did your best to entertain the Don, but we would review your application and get back to you. Ok, bye”. I use that a lot on new fine bones
  • aiit, this is where I must call it a night. My eyelids are falling in love with each other. Wish you well with them skitos and roaches
  • I got an appointment by 7 am and since you kept me up this late, I’d expect you wake me up by 5 am, Aiit, bye
  • I think I should go now before you start falling in love with me too deeply. Aiit, bye.
  • No, we can’t go on a date yet, you have to impress me first( say this out of the blues, while she is engrossed in some laughter), ok, bye.
  • oh gross, now you made me burn the omelet! Burnt offering for dinner. arrrhhhh gooood night ( use the sad emoticon after that)
  • Now my eyelids are falling in love with each other and they are pulling me away ever so sexily. Sing me lullabies as I drift away from all your troubles.
  • you have been most troublesome this night, who would have thought it that someone with such small voice, head, nose, eyes, and fitter with feeble bones would, at the same time, be coupled with troubles and mischief? I just pressed the red button on my phone, bye
  • aiit, gtg, I know you wouldn’t be able to sleep without my thoughts darting all over your hearts. But I do kindly implore you; let me sleep in peace. Aiit?

In summary, give them the no time air; I-send-you-less-aura. ‘Don’t care what you think woman, I am not your average jones, I always do me’.

On a final note

If you are in a relationship, be sensitive enough to know when the vibe is all gone. When she starts disrespecting you and getting all heady and unruly, no matter what you might have invested in it, walk! Just keep walking and never look back. Alright, so there you have it! Always be first to roll!
Use the comment box below and tell me other discussion ending fun lines. Also, if you understand what I mean by LON, then drop me some sleek ones. Impress me and who knows, you might just win some stuff.

On to the next one: if you must grow guts and balls, you must learn to be your own man

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