How to Build Self Confidence: Be your own man

How to Build Self Confidence: Be your own man

Sense Pill
The first step to a life of frustration with ladies is to be a wavering man; unstable in all his ways like the tide of the sea – tossing and ebbing

We all came fashioned finely different. Tiny micro chipped programs that define our likes and dislikes. Therefore, to know how to build self confidence: Be your own man; this means appreciating your uniqueness. The stuff of legends that makes you, YOU.

Be Your Own Man

Learn to say this magic Words: No, can’t do. In the world of super sexy ladies, “no” is a magic word because they are used to guys kissing up to them, buying their attention and being at their beck and call.  When they come across a guy with the guts not just to tell them NO but actually make weird fun of their beauty, they get eternally drawn.

Sense Pill
“All men are the same,” they say and they are right, why don’t you dare to be different? Not for noughts were you born with balls mehn, wake up!

If only u know how boring average guys are and how hawt ladies yearn to have a real man in their lives, you would wake up from your slumber and strike a manly mark.

But you must discover who you really are first and  learn to appreciate and let the YOU live while passing such across to the people you meet, subtly or otherwise

Being Your Own Man Entails

Understanding who you are; your Likes, Dislikes, Life ideas, Values, Goals, Dreams, the kind of lady you like (her physical endowment, skin colour, mental ability, social standing, family, her line of work etc) Can you stand bankers? Nurses? Doctors?
(Note: Read my lips; If you can’t stand your own woman not having your time always, avoid doctors. If you can’t stand your woman talking back at you and always at a tangent with you, avoid widely travelled ladies and those who are office bosses.)
What you can and can’t do. What are your values as a man?; Can you sleep with your married ex just because she lured you to it? Can you marry your ancestor for some green papers? Can you do anything for money no matter what? Understanding who you are defines what you can and can’t eat.

I don’t do swallow for supper, never. You would very rarely catch me with a lady that is not light in complexion. You can’t see me rolling with a lady just because of getting down. She has to be worth more than just the huge perky jugs on her chest and the wet hole in between her legs.  No matter how some of my married exes worry me, once you are married, we are done! I lose all forms of communication.
I would not have my woman use these words; ‘whatever, I don’t care’ and a host of other red flags out there.
Lastly, you must have the balls to say you what you want without being timid. Express yourself in the calmest way.

 The World Is A Market: Have Your Pick

In learning, you define your wants and only have those around. As time goes on and you grow, you raise the bar a notch each time. Ok, so you love light skinned girls. You can start by just generally meeting them not minding their social standing, age, career, endowment etc. This would help you grow your confidence first. But as you grow in their lane, you filter them down and only let the top class through..

More About Yours Truly

I don’t swallow at night. No matter how hot she is, she can’t change that. That is who I am. That is my own man. Yours truly love going to bed in his birthday clothing, open air. And I always convert them to my lane. I don’t fancy bright room be it during the day or at night. If I want to see the sun, I go out. I don’t like loud girls. I like a lady that is reserved out there, but a little vixen underneath the sheets. Sometimes, I love early morning slow ‘mo’ (Go figure, lol).

In summary: To be your own man is to know what you like and don’t in all spheres of life. What you can and can’t do(principled). Yes! I can roll with a single ‘Puchetas‘, never a married one. Once an Ex is married( however she tries to seduce me saying her ‘husby’ isn’t satisfying her), I never touch her with a long spoon. I don’t club on weekdays. I don’t drink beer( only red wine and them strong boys, winks), don’t smoke, I work out every day, drink a lot of water, read at least a book every two weeks, I love dogs, compose poems, sing. With me, the cup is always half full( positive mentality). I have no time wasting arguing football with them guys. I am an indoor kinda guy with a little extra flavour for Friday outings. I would rather a tranquil place than a rowdy one

Royal Breed

I regard my Jrod as a Royal gift that, however hard it tries, cannot dip into just any available hole and most importantly, Jrod has learnt its place and never control me. (this is most difficult, some of you might never master this, but it pays a lot if you could put a lid on it). Most especially if you are destined for the top in life like I am
The thing is: after I stumbled upon this light and understood how I can basically get any girl I want, I started filtering. You can’t have the power to mine gold and be digging for clay. This singular line changed my mindset. I started slowly and warmed my way up.

Wisdom Flare

I create undue tension and flare up when I shouldn’t sometimes. Even if it’s just on the surface. This is to put them in check. A lady that knows that no matter what she does, you would rarely scold her, would soon take you for granted. Cooking up such situations makes you unpredictable and they love an unpredictable guy.
Sense Pill: A man worthy of his balls should appreciate peace but must be battle ready at all times

You Were Made For More. Don’t Settle For Less!

Sense Pill: you can’t have the machinery to mine gold and be digging for clay.

I started by turning down one of my not-so-beautiful but heavily endowed soft doll. One day, after turning each other on, something happened and I just wasn’t down no more. She practically went on her knees begging to have IT. I tried to wear my stuff, she stopped me and was all over jrod ravenously. I wasn’t feeling it. Before I knew it, she pushed me down and sat on IT. Even though I couldn’t resist her that day, that singular incidence opened my eyes to the power that lies beneath saying NO to a lady.

Side note: one of the best ways to last longer in bed is good FOREPLAY. Take your time and warm up. You rush in you rush out. It is not by accident footballers warm up before training. If they don’t, they could strain muscles. So it is with everything that involves the muscles.

Create Your Reality and Live in it:

Know at every point in time what you want. Don’t be a scattergun. Here is a little secret: every lady I meet, before I even throw my word web, I know what I want to make her: Gf, TP( most likely),. FFB, WM, PVD etc. As the saying goes, if you don’t have dreams/pursue your dreams, another would pay you peanuts to help build theirs. A man who lives for nothing lives for everything. This is where mugus and magas are made! Once ladies sense that you are a wavering man with undefined roots, they would assume the vector quantity role and try to direct you their own way. While you are busy running their errands, spending and been spent, a guy like me is plucking their fruits incessantly!

Conclusively, from all the foregone, you can see that ladies are not really our problems. We are our own enemies both with ladies and life generally. If we can get our acts together, succeeding and getting ladies would be as natural as breathing.  This is the end of drill nugget 1: Discovering Your ‘A’ game. Having raved up our confidence, let’s step out and meet new ladies, shall we?

While at it, I would love to hear the challenges you have encountered while trying to meet new ladies. Tell me everything. Is there a special request you have? Let’s hear it in the comment box below. Also, I want to know how far you have gone with all the ball tasks. Looking well built now? How about our grammar? How many new words have you stockpiled and you use daily?

7 Comments on “How to Build Self Confidence: Be your own man

  1. Double don thanks for this piece just what I need right now

    • You are welcome Mr Lekan!

      Don’t eat this good food alone, tell our other wimp brothers out there.

  2. You are welcome Mr Lekan!

    Don’t eat this good food alone, tell our other wimp brothers out there.

  3. Good day boss, my babe and I have been dating for some months now. When we got started I applied all this drills have learnt so far from you on her and I succeeded. I end up converting a pastor’s daughter to my doll. but towards ending of last semester I noticed she has flirting with a guy online(on whatsapp) and I confronted her about it and she told me she’s sorry and she is just friends with the guy that the guy has a girlfriend and all that. xo i decided to let go of the issue not that I believe that excuses she gave me though. we are back to school now and I realised she has passworded her whatsapp and messages. I was just scrolling through her call log and her realised she talk to the guy virtually everyday. though the attention she gives me hasn’t reduced and some time I discharge when she getting to clingy.
    Am wondering should I confront her once more or I should leave things the way they cos am not comfortable with the whole thing.

      1. Get it, a goat and a lion can NEVER be flirting friends. if you ever believe that, you can as well believe that darkness can chase light away.
      2. I usually would NOT advise guys to go through the phones of their gfs. But on rare occasions, it is better you be in the know than be taken for a fool. That said, your lady passwording her phone after she noticed you go through it sometimes is a BIG RED FLAG you should never take lightly. I can assure you that a lot went down with her during the holidays. Crazy memories. Did you ask her why her messages are on lock down?( apply wisdom here. Not force, nor anger). Here is what you should do right away: When you guys are together cheerful. Pick her phone up and ask her to tell you the whatsapp/message passwords. If she objects, brotherly, know that you might be dealing with a cheat who has loads of skeleton in her cocoon. it might not be the guy you are suspecting alone.

      I think you are beginning to love up and your drill skills are now getting blurred up. Be a man and avoid showing jealousy. If you cant take whatever revelation that comes out of this, take a walk or place her down the pecking order and meet others.

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