How to Build Self Confidence: Good Fashion Sense

How to Build Self Confidence: Good Fashion Sense

Sense Pill:

In dressing, it is not how expensive or exotic rather the question is: does it fit? Do you feel comfortable/confident in what you are wearing? 

Having buffed the body, you have to know what to wear, how to wear same. Here, we will look at how to Build Self Confidence: Good Fashion Sense.

What goes with what and for what season and reason?

From the head: Some baseball cap, recent cowboy hat
Sunshade: grey, dark with nice rims. Gucci, CessarePaciottii, prada, and Michael Kors all have good UV Rays screening abilities and nice designs. Though some are a bit pricey, kindly buy your size. My personal preferences are Gucci, cessare pacioti and Michael Kors( hopefully, someday, they would pay me for this free advert! lol). Kindly buy the frame that fits your face. We wouldn’t have you looking like a lost poodle in shriek’s wonder island after investing your money in some sun shades. wink wink.
Kindly avoid wearing a baseball cap and sun shades. During the day, I’d usually ditch the cap for sun shade. At night it’s the opposite. It must be able to screen out the sun’s UV-rays from direct contact with your eyes. They aren’t for fashion alone. So get a good one. Avoid transparent ones, unless they are clinically tested and medically recommended. The best way to have short sight is to wear transparent shades under the heat of the sun

Black Not Proud

In basic classical physics, dark clothes absorb and trap heat while bright ones repel same. Why did I make this statement? Well, you need to avoid buying dark/black coloured shirts, innerwear, briefs/boxers. This is not a joke.  Unless you live in a fridge-like country like Russia and the likes, avoid buying black wears from now on. The only black wears you should buy are shoes, belts and probably trousers. Because, blackshirt in a sleek mix with the sun’s heat equals sweat. This results in sweaty shirts and sweaty armpit. This ultimately leads to a malodorous you! Body odour does not happen overnight; it is as a result of cumulative bad sweat handling habit. And there is nothing that turns ladies off more than sweaty shirts, armpit and malodorous you. I can’t stress this enough, avoid black shirts because they absorb heat making you sweat more.

Buy Bright, Buy Smart

Buy bright coloured shirts. No matter how cheap or expensive, your shirts should have their cocky gait. I have seen very expensive shirts making a mockery of the wearer. I have also seen very cheap shirts looking like they were imported from Italy. Don’t buy yourself into debts because you want to impress somebody. Life is in Phases, Men are in Sizes( my mentor would always say). Know your size per time. Live within it as you work smartly to move to a higher pedestal. You must learn to blend colours. Kindly google that. For those using smartphones, you can download the app Pinterest to help with cloths/colour blending and latest in the world of men’s fashion( credits to a student from our whatsapp Neophyte group!).

Perfect Blending. The Ways Of The Wise

As much as you can, avoid very bright coloured trousers. Unless of course, you want to make off note statements. Your belt and your shoes are like husband and wife. They must be of the same colour: brown shoes must go with brown belt etc. No matter how expensive your shoes are, they are worthless if smeared in the dust of humiliation. You must always give it a sleek shiny wax!

If you can, have two pairs of shoes( black /brown or grey), 2 pairs of sneakers and 2 pairs of flip-flops. Or get a pair of each( shoes and sneakers) and alternate them through the week. Your shoes should be exposed to the sun, at least once a week, to avoid moist in there. You must have, on the average, 10 pairs of stockings ( half cut, different matured colours; black, grey, brown, dimly flowered etc.) and they must be kept neat at all times. Don’t come back home, pull them off and stick them into the shoes. Get a stocks rack.  Let them breathe.  This is one aspect of guy’s hygiene a lot of men fail in. Immediately they pull their shoes and go into a home, the ministry of the home remains eternally altered until they leave.

Get 10-24 briefs or boxers whichever you prefer( but kindly buy those with enough room for Jrod to breathe, rise and fall as it so pleases. Don’t wear very tight stuff such as pants or men G-strings). You should have between 15-24 singlets, a pack of white handkerchiefs. Don’t use these more than six months. There are different qualities with different prices, buy your pocket size. Wear what gives you comfort not the one you have to be adjusting every now and then even in public places! It’s embarrassing.

Go Fit, Look Smart

Your trousers should be cut to fit. Gone are the days we rocked baggy jeans and Timberland boots. This noodles’ generation says it is slim fit!  Hahaha. Know your size, buy your size.
You cannot knot checked tie on a checked shirt neither can you wear a checked/strip shirt and a checked/striped official jacket. Checked shirt/jacket must always go with plain ones. The days of big blade ties are gone. What is reigning now is the narrow ones. Your tie should never go below your belt. In fact, it should touch it slightly or just above it or far above it. Silk ties are not to be ironed. Neither should they be washed by unprofessional hands. They would be ruined. Kindly learn how to knot ties if you don’t know how to(search youtube for such tutorials).
Cool, silk jackets hate direct pressing iron impacts. Always place some handkerchief over an area before you press (this is to avoid leaving shiners on them or making them lose their elasticity) or better still, send them to a professional dry cleaner.

Finally, about the body:

Body Accessories
Forget the fact that smart phones have been striving to oust our dear wrist watches. Go get a good one. While at it, get a mouth spray with fresh fragrance, cologne and body spray/roll on or either alone.
You cannot wear romantic cologne alone. Most ladies like harsh Manish colognes. Others like soft romantic ones.  To have both sets of ladies, I usually have the two types and I  spray one on the left side of my body and the other on the right or I simply mix spray them. Result? Oh well, you guess! Lol.
The other reason I do this is: I hate it when people go asking me what the name of my cologne is. I simply tell them it’s a crazy blend of different bottles. Most would leave you alone after that.

Alright, so there you have it!

How to Build Self Confidence: Good Fashion Sense
Did I tell you that your toothbrush should be changed after every 2-3 months?

Ball Task (BT) 3: Research about latest trends in men’s fashion. Cloths (what goes with what and when) and colour combination and let me know what your preferences are in the interactive sexy comment box below.

Ball Task 4: Increase your work out time to 40mins, 2 sets 20 reps to each of your routine.

We roll on to the next hot one: How to Build Self Confidence: Impeccable Diction

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