How to Build Self Confidence: Quick Wit

How to Build Self Confidence: Quick Wit

Mastering how to build self confidence: quick wit drill and master wriggling out of any tight situation in life.

Providing sleek answers to general life’s questions people might throw at you; be it in school; project/thesis defense, official questions and those of our ever sexy lovely ladies.

Quick Wit ( Mental Cleverness)
This is the ability to think quickly on your feet and provide succinct answers to questions without batting an eyelid. It is the ability to analyze situations, surroundings, questions from people and produce master class responses that maim minds and magnets hearts. Heck, you got the Boss Balls. Oh, the wave of joy and overwhelming guts that flow through your body when you see the look of awe on your loyal subjects because of your response. Money can’t buy that!

How To Develop Quick Wit

To achieve this generally in life, you have to be adept in educative/informative/thought-provoking books/newspaper articles/blogs/movies and TV shows. Readers are Leaders in all spheres of life and they, without much ado, proffer solutions to the challenges of life. Not for nought were you born with Balls. Reading arms your mind with quick wit inadvertently and broaden your views generally. It has the ability to auto extrapolate your knowledge in one field and apply it another in a jaw-dropping way.

To achieve this in official settings, you have to be armed with office politics and proffer deft answers to anticipated questions from superiors. In your field, be an authority. Be well-versed.
To achieve this in school, you have to know your turf. That even though you rarely talk, when you do, your peers give ears to you.

Quick Wits (Mental Cleverness) With Ladies

To achieve this, here is a template of what your thought process should be;

  1. Know that for a fact, you are doing them a huge favour letting them share your spot and space
  2. That they want you and can’t wait to have you because you add so much value to their lives; you teach them a lot of things, you always sprinkle the rays of laughter across their dark horizon, melt their minds with words
  3. They are in love with you and are willing to do anything to have you.
  4. They wouldn’t want to share you with any others lady.

Armed with these aforementioned truths, you set out to fun jab them with your ‘send less’ airs because your hands are full (yes you form hard to get. Beat them on their own turf)

In a nutshell, be challenging, fun, Play hard to get, spring up surprises, accuse them of wanting to have you by all means but they have to try harder because you aren’t that cheap.Keep her in a constant state of suspense because the worse mistake you can make in life is to make any lady feel she got a full seat in your life!

Sense Pill
Ladies are pretty predictable. They are sisters under the same cloak of flesh. Even though highly powered fitted with diverse facial colouration and robe. They think alike.

While you are at it, here are a general set of questions they all ask: how did you get my line, what do you want from me, do you have a girlfriend? Where are you? Do you love me? Am I fat? Etc

It is therefore very easy to think up succinct answers to respective questions and tuck them away in your mind’s answer database. The worse thing that can happen to you is getting your answers wrong to moment defining questions(MDQs) and hating yourself thereafter! Ouch, the pains!

Two things I had lived to regret when I was a learner in this lane are:

  1. The ‘hawties’ I let walk on by because I couldn’t muster the balls to spin a fun web.
  2. The wrong answers I gave to moment defining questions that scuttled my dealings, and the perfect answers that came while I lay on my bed.

However, I did learn from them and they all made me a better person in the long run.”

Yes, you would make terrible mistakes in relating with ladies, you would run out of what to say. Your mouth would go dry, brain light, mind fogy, legs weak! Heck, you would lose your sense and sexy stance but never give up.

Sense Pill
The hunter is frigid with his weapon, he takes out targets with his sniper no matter how far they are. But for him to get to that peak of perfection, one thing is most needed: Practice.  He would miss great kills while at it, but if he stays true to his turf, the experience would be his lifelong anchor.

Why Ladies Ask Moment Defining Questions

They go through different thought processes when their hearts start playing your love pranks on them. Since they can’t get concrete answers from their heads based on the fact that these drills are illogical, they, therefore, attack the source of such emotions with moment defining Questions. This helps place some perspectives on why they feel the way they do. Why they are with you when you aren’t even their spec, you don’t kiss up to them the way others do and you stress them by being so challenging, etc

One Foot Wrong And You Are Immediately Categorized.
  1. Maga( pays all her bills, lunch et all) but you would never see her naked.
  2. Mugu( run all her errands for her; assignments, home works, official duties, house chores etc)
  3. Friend Zone( you aren’t her specs nor are you armed with these magnetic drill’s force)
  4. Potential Date( She aren’t too sure where you really belong because one moment you are a nice guy, the next you are a “crudy”)
  5. Lover (however awkward she feels because you are not necessarily her specs, she can’t help being with you. You teach her, challenge her, make her laugh, technically insult her and make fun of her. She might even catch you cheating on her. Yet she keeps coming back

But one foot right, you got them at your beck and call

Some Moment Defining Questions
  1. What do you want from me?
  2. Do you have a girlfriend?
  3. Can you pay my bills?
  4. I just want us to be friends
  5. Is this all about sex?
  6. Who is she?
  7. I want a guy who would wait until marriage before sex
  8. I’m I fat?
  9. Where is this relationship leading to?
  10. When are you taking me home?
  11. Where are you coming from by this time?

Ladies are sisters under the same cloak of flesh! Pretty predictable with their monotonous Moment Defining questions.

Your duty is to know that you would be faced with questions like these and therefore think of funny but very effective answers to them all and more. Most of the statements and questions above are nothing but tests to tilt you overboard and thereafter go revealing your true intent. From your answers, she would automatically know your ulterior motives, as to whether or not you are man enough, attractive enough for her to submit to or she fzone you.

A girl tells you “no sex till marriage” but you couldn’t see through the test and you blurred “ sex is what makes it fun”. oh kiddo, You have lost it.
I am holding this light up to you so that you can appreciate how it is to live unprepared and start working on improving your quick wit. For when all else fails, it can lead you safely home whether at work, when with ladies and in life generally.

Lastly, after dropping the heat of quick wit, be first to roll while they are still in awe and processing the wine of wisdom. We are no mere men, you would rather agree? winks


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  1. don could you please recommend some great thought provoking books for me

  2. What answers could you probably give to the 11MDQs up there 👆
    At least let us see an example from you, then we can think and also bring up other ways of answering them without blowing it off.

    • I have a better idea, based on popular demand, we will dedicate a full post to MDQs, make sure you subscribe to our new post notification so you can get fresh dating wine as they drop hot.

      Any Chris? While at it, tell your friends. Only a selfish soul eats good food alone.

  3. Okay! I told them already.

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