How To Control Your Emotions In A Relationship

Sense Pill: Do not concur to the demands of a woman in the heat of passion for therein, a lot of men have unwittingly sold their souls. 

One of the main ingredient that separate men from boys is knowing how to control emotions in a relationship or when with ladies generally. This is what differentiates those destined for the top( that would avoid scandal and blackmail) and others whose lives would be full of the scars from their wanton erotic ways.

How To Control Your Emotions In A Relationship

It is the ability to always ‘do you’. Take charge of your life and do things because you want to and not because ladies cajole you. It is knowing your worth and not letting vClef/jRod control your life. Once you are able to control your emotions in a relationship, you automatically break loose from the shackles of ladies that has  held a lot of men bound ( vClef ) right from time immemorial. You are able to think clearly and make informed decisions.

To help you take control of your emotions, you have to learn how to turn down ladies. Start by the little things; turn down that airtime request from that your crush, turn down that your course mate/colleague’s lunch request, turn down that outing request, however you may, subtly, funnily and cockily.

SENSE PILL 1: For once, have the balls to be brave, be YOU and do things because you want to do them not because you are cajoled to!
Don’t be fooled ladies know exactly what they are doing when they go demanding for things they don’t even need and airtime they would never use to call you( this is how mugus and magas are made. This is where friend zoning begins) , it is your duty to fashion responses to deflect their demands and hold your royal sway. How to control emotions in a relationship

Check it out

Bae: babes could you you help me get that stuff over there?
You: yea sure, after I’m done with this game.
Or you can say “sure, if only you can beat me in this game”.  We know that game isn’t ending soon nor can she beat you. She would be forced to go get it her self (subtle but very effective).

Slowly you grow in this lane: from subtle refusal to outright funny ones. the only time you would master this act is when bae starts getting all touchy touchy, you respond at first but when every one is steamy, all clothes off and she launches for your weapon, you remove her hand. She would try again, remove it still, after the 4th time she tries you can let her. Need I paint you a picture of how the moment would turn explosive after that? Don’t ask me why.

The grand tour

When you have built your momentum from scratch like stated above, take it a notch up and  be man enough to turn her outright down one day. “I’m not really in the mood to get down tonight B, just want us to cuddle and kiss thereafter we sleep”. she would try her best but if you can stand your ground, you would have passed this great ball/life test. she wouldn’t believe it that a guy can turn her down with his hardness and her wetness! She might act funny thereafter, ignore her. She knows you are becoming a Man!

The Grill

The ultimate test in this self-control drill is this: try and hook a new bunny, after the 1st – 3rd hang outs, they usually feel comfortable, wanting to come know your place because you have been deflecting all talks away from where you stay( we would talk more about this in another post. It is a perfect way to have any lady literally BEG to come know your place instead of you begging to have her over as you have been doing and she has been refusing because she knows what your plans are already!) embarassed

So, lets say you finally agreed to have her over, and after all said and done, reggae turned blues and  cloths started flying off your bodies at supersonic speed as you kiss passionately in anticipation of a sumptuous session. Then just as she pulls you over and wants jrod inside of her, you pull away, sit on the edge of the bed for a while thinking, then after a brief moment, pick your boxers and start wearing it! she would be wondering what is happening. Tell her you just lost it, that you got to go. she would cajole, implore, seduce and do all possible to have you, DON’T YOU YIELD! Remember this is a test and to help you scale through, always remember it’s your final test. Wear your cloths and hit the street. You would literally murder her with thoughts like : “is it that he has a girlfriend and doesn’t want to cheat on her? Do I have body odour? Bad breath? Stretch marks? Or is he impotent? couldn’t be because I touched his hard Jrod. Is there something i did wrong?cheesy cheesy if only she knew….

Yea I know, it is not fair to do this to any lady, but sit back and ask yourself; is it fair to do this to a guy? Ladies do this to guys all the time that is why they have mastered the act of staying on top of their game and only let in guys they really want into their web. For you to master your act also, this you must learn to do, not with one, but as often as you can! You would become a master in no time, Jrod wud learn its place and then cease to control you.

SENSE PILL: With ladies, to go forward, we must lean the act of, first, going backward! They are like money, the more you chase them, the harder they get.
Rather learn to set traps… Sassy/fun traps

Ball Task 6: Practice self/jrod control as laid out above until you are master of all your ways.

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