How To Win The Heart Of A Girl

How To Win The Heart Of A Girl

Having armed yourself with confidence and good diction sprinkled with quick wit and humour( theoretically).  Next, we’ll look at how to win the heart of girls.

To start off, I would always advise: for now, your aim is to try and build your confidence(practically), douse tension and expunge the meeting-new-ladies’ fear factor ; let’s make friends first instead of looking for dates. Build your mental muscle. Grow your balls, sway and swagger first.

Dates or New Friends?

From now hence forth, have it at the back of your mind that every lady you meet, you would be genuinely interested in knowing them and making NEW FRIENDS, not their fine figure, face, boobs or vClef. Reason for this is that when you go with a dating attitude, it breeds tension which sometimes leads to stuttering, oozing off of needy personality( doing all to please her ), losing your respect and self-worth and ultimately losing her. Or you get friend-zoned or turned into a mugu ( this usually happens when she senses that you can do anything to please her but she doesn’t really like you, just your cash).

Meeting a lady with just friendship attitude helps you to be in full control of the conversation and how it swings, throw in jab and kill it off with fun. By this, you learn to be more relaxed around the hawt ladies, the fear factor is blown away and you get to realize that super hawt ladies love to meet guys as much as guys love to meet them, just that they have F*** off filters on their foreheads you must get through before they reveal their true selves.

Be The First To Friend-zone Her

One of the major benefits of setting out with friendship air when meeting a new lady is the fact that you’d have the privilege of friend-zoning her first before she ever thinks of doing same to you. And if peradventure she rejects you or embarrasses you in public( never experienced that, how can you also? Armed with fun and quick wit?), you would handle it like a real man should and not let it make you withdraw into your shell like a drenched rat from the  world of women.

a practiced hunter is frigid with his weapon, he aims and takes out targets( no matter how far) but to get to that peek of perfection, one thing is most needed; practice. he would miss a lot of great kills while at it, but if he keeps his head down, and learn his trade, the experience would be his life long anchor. 

Remember, the monkey earns his right to life, by humping (practicing/exercising its physical/mental muscles) from one tree to the other.

Mentality of A Pick-up Alpha Male

a. Act fast, flow quickly:  If you are sitting/standing close to a new lady and you like her physical endowments, don’t hesitate to sprinkle your fun web over her sexy horizon. The longer you take to decide whether to talk to her or not, the more difficult it becomes to actually talk to her. Most average guys suffer a lot from this Double minded delay syndrome. They just walk on by or just RESPECT themselves and keep shut. If only they know that the holding force between them and that new hawt lady is the ability to say a sexy hello. If only they know.How to build self confidence

b. Never set out to impress any lady. Be you, do you at all times. Ladies, just like my German Shepherd ( Sheila), can sense desperation( trying too hard to impress her/buy her attention because you want the cookies in-between her legs) from a guy and quickly go into lock-down mode. In such a state, the only answer you may get are mono-syllables or a total shut off. She may give you her number if she noticed you come loaded with benefits she can milk while expertly keeping you at bay from touching her body.

c. Have a mental picture of what you would love to make her in your life: No matter how highly engineered, powerful and equipped with modern gizmos a smart car is, it must drive slowly in a fog. Hence, have a clear vision of what you’d rather make her in your life before you even say the first word. If you don’t define this, she would help you out by either placing you in the Fzone, brother lane or  mugu/maga zone. Note: a lady that defines a role for you, cannot date you or let you touch her. #Fact!

d. Never be afraid of any lady. No matter how beautiful and mind maiming she looks, one guy out there is treating her like a piece of worthless thrash. I would advise you to print this and paste it on your mirror and recite it to yourself everyday before you step out. Most beautiful ladies let the compliments and numerous guy’s attention get into their heads and they become unruly to the average guy. But the alpha male sees through all her gimmicks and starts to treat her like thrash. Because, just like her, he can get and lay any lady he so wish.
Note: Most beautiful ladies are bored. They are tired of guys always kissing up to them and letting them always have their way. They want something very different. This is where we step in and blow their minds away.

d. You must maintain eye contact, communicate through same and you must learn how to think quickly on your feet, either using her last statement to draw new questions or creating fresh ones altogether. Note: it is not everything/question a lady ask we respond to. We ignore most, make fun of others as we paint our fun web. The eyes are such powerful tools if only you know how to use them. You can attract with them, make her feel like a little girl, virtually strip a lady(make her feel like she is naked before you no matter the amount of cloths she is wearing), put a new lady in the mood and pull all sorts of crazy stunts with them. The real man thinks quickly on his feet and know how to hold a fluid and fluent conversation.

e. It is not your fault if she lacks a sense of humour, simply move on. Ladies can be out of their elements at the point you are meeting them, some have this annoying chip on their shoulders( most especially the ugly ones, lol), some are born brutes/cruddies ( lacking all iota of laughter and fun). You are not to blame for situations like these. Simply walk on by or roll off. However, it is your duty to read their facial expression/surrounding circumstances before you even think of throwing your fun jab ( don’t forget the fact that your analysis may be wrong sometimes)

f. Don’t be afraid of Rejection. The best of us have gotten rejected at one point in time or the other. You must have it at the back of your mind that a practiced hunter is frigid with his weapon, he takes out targets no matter how far but to get to that peek of perfection, one thing is most needed; practice.  He would miss great kills while at it, but if he keeps at it and never give up, the experience would be his lifelong anchor. You would never feel the thrills and frills of walking on water if you are too scared to step out of your boat! Why live all your life and die in you cocoon when the big beautiful world is waiting to kiss your lips? Even as a child, before you were able to walk, you had to stumble and fall! But look at you today being able to run even! Never give up. Give it another go, another stride.

Tools Needed For New Lady Friends

1) Confidence/Balls – the act of being comfortable in your skin, aura of manliness( Ballful). Saying and pulling crazy stunts the average guy could never dream of around ladies.

2) Quick Wit – ability to think on your feet and produce succinct answers and statements after analyzing the other party’s mood, statements and or surroundings

3) Fun jabs – the act of throwing witty jibes and balancing it off with humour and fun
ii. Cool story that grabs attention and activates the save-a-sister-airs
4) Sense of Urgency – We don’t lazy around new ladies all day. We are too busy for that. Rather, we throw the Line Of Note( LON) , get the digits, get out. ” I’m yet to make up my mind if it was nice meeting you or not, but I must run now, my other fans are waiting.” Before she responds, you are gone.

The Thrills

How To Win The Heart Of A GirlTo be an alpha male is no baby’s meal. You have to take your time to learn about the world of woman: know the different bra sizes out there, the different hair colours, creams, soap, shoes, make-ups, nail, lashes, lingerie , dresses and everything there is to know about ladies.

For the purpose of these drills, we recommend you learn the very common ones first: make-up kits – the different types, hair types and colours, ladies shoes , nails and all augmenting accessories like bras( the ones with forms and the ones without) , boobs and Booties( if you didn’t know, they sell boobs and booties in the market now even HIPS! no jokes).

You wondering why you need to learn about these things? Well, apart from off notes and cute pets, they are the best ways to get a lady’s attention, bypass her defenses and she would naturally be blown away when you start schooling her about her own world! But, hey, when she starts laughing hysterically, don’t forget to remind her that you a practicing Doctor, not an in-house clown. Get the number, get out.

Off notes: Go get a cute, pure breed puppy!

How to Hook Up Girls

Before you step out into the wild with these drills, make sure you grow your mental muscles first. Practice around family members. Those girls around you that could do anything just to have you but you don’t fancy( yes, girls in your friend zone) and when you feel comfortable in your wit/mental skin, It’s time to ball out and meet brand new girls. Have it at the back of your mind that you are a blessing to anyone you meet. A fun ray. Just the guy she has been waiting, yearning for. Walking into her life is a plus to it. You are the best thing about to happen to her. A vitamin X in her nest. With you in her life, there are neither sicknesses nor dull moments. These are the thoughts that run through the mind of guys like us when we roll out

And hey, we live prepared: no matter where we go, what assignments we are leaving for, we live ready with the thought that we might just bump into some girl that needs our fun airs and help; our charm.

Sense Pill: With ladies, Never be caught off guard and you run dry.

No No No

In meeting new ladies, kindly note the following;

1. Avoid pickup lines. They make you come across as fake and unreal. Girls can easily see through that and put you in a very awkward position. “Hello., do I know you? you look similar“. ” You are an epitome of beauty and without you in my life, I couldn’t live on” arrhh!How To Win The Heart Of A Girl

2. Don’t go in bland: Hello, Hi, excuse me. Hi babes. Hi, may I have a word with u? Hello, may I meet you?  Ptssssss, ptssss. Oh fine baby, how far? Avoid these and a host of others…For they spike ladies off and they go into defensive/full lock down mode. You would lose an arm and a leg trying to unlock them there after. Learn to live simple. Go sweet and ball sleek. It is high time you hate everything regular guys do and Do You!
Instead of just saying Hi, may I know u? How about You say


  • what’s with the shine on your forehead?
  • How are you able to breath with this tiny nose? It a miracle this tiny thin is able to  supply all the oxygen requirement of this body!
  • Wow, can you actually see with those eyes? they look so tiny, how many fingers I’m i holding up now?
  • How are these little legs able to carry this body?
  • Do you know where i can buy heart super glue? because your smile just broke ma heart
    Your opening line must be able to attract her attention and finger her curiosity and probably make her laugh out loud.

Hook, Line And Sinker

  1. Use lines that attract her attention and fingers her curiosity
  2. Draw laughter from her by fun jabbing her.

Balling Light: See her walking on the street with a baby which you know isn’t hers; you can walk up to her and roll “wow! Looking at you no one would think you have ever kissed let alone been delivered of a baby!”

You should know, there are 4 major skills we deploy in learning how to win the heart of girls.

  1. Fun jab her which is my favourite
  2. Telling them a story and trying to get their royal responses to nail that their tiny heart with your trip nail

I once told a fake story about how my girl friend fed me with beans and I couldn’t help gassing in lecture hall I had to excuse myself. And boy did they laugh!
Ok, here is an example from styles( his favourite actually). He meet a new one and goes like:
hi, I really need your opinion on this ( without waiting for her response goes on). So my guy and his girl friend has been having huge rows because my friend still have his ex pictures in his album and his current girl friend wouldn’t have any of it. She wants to burn the pictures and my friend isn’t buying into that. Do u think he is right?

Now the hook about this kind of story is: it totally makes them oblivious of the fact that you are a stranger and start talking because they would naturally side her. Your duty is to put calculated fuel in the fire to keep her talking until you narrow her home. Get the number. Get out. Before she knows what hit her, she is on top of you burning your ex romping images wrapped around your waist

How To Win The Heart Of A GirlThis kind of story should : Be one that brings out the protect-a-sis-at-all-cost from them. From the story above, you can already tell that her first line would be ” but why is he still keeping those pictures?” See? They are sisters under same cloak of flesh. They mostly would respond to certain situation just alike. Even though they wear different skin colours and endowments. Be engaging to the point she forgets she is actually with a stranger. By the time she is done talking, she would have been so relaxed and see you as a close somebody that parting with her line wouldn’t be an ish

  1. The fuel questions must not only keep d conversation flowing with new dimension but also give u insight into her way of reasoning and warm your way into her heart

You can ask her; so if you are the one, would you really want him to burn those pictures considering it’s you he loves now? Then she says: Yes of course, she is his Ex and he has no business keeping those pictures. Then you continue: Wow, you must be a very jealous lover huh? Just look at how your face grew red and your nose was  twitching when you said that. Then she responds: it is not about been a jealous  lover. It is about my man still having his ex pictures.

You: so you think he is still in love with his ex or YOU his new girl??
She : of course! If he isn’t , he would do away with her pictures and focus on me.
You:See?! I said it, you are a very jealous lover. Do you know that you have this flint in your eyes as you were talking? Like you’ve actually experienced something like that. Or is it a terrible heart break? Tell me, I could go break his two legs now…lol

See? You swing it home guys. Don’t forget to end it with…Ermmm, I think I would call you so you can talk some sense into him. Here( hand her your phone, the rest is history). God help you if you forget to bring a friend to play along when you  call her 😅

Ballful Scenario

Yours Truly rolled over to the ATM. Got stuck on the queue and  right in from of him was this sexy spec with a lot of Guys’ eyes darting toward her. Some already romancing her in their mind. He had to come up with a fine thought fast because soon it would be her turn. She would withdraw and be gone forever. How do we approach this? What can he say? How does he go about breaking the ice and striking a conversation? How does he get her delayed after she withdraws so they could talk thereafter? Left with him, he just wants to get the number there and then and be done with. But that would put him at a disadvantage. What could be the reason for this disadvantage? Brainstorm session; Let’s hear you out guys

The Facts of Life

Until you get to the peek of perfection, when you can hold your sway and sling your swagger, when you must have built your confidence/mental muscles, you got to have ready arsenals; pre-planned, pre meditated. Because, most times, you would run bland and blank. You wouldn’t be able to think on your feet. Quick wit would desert you and you would be left with dry throat, foggy brain and soured taste on your nickle.To avoid experiencing this kind of situation, we use the old fashion way. For quick wit isn’t as quick as you think if u haven’t learnt its manual robes.

Places like the Atm, inside public transport or general public places with lot of prying eyes and sniffing noses  coupled with flapping ears, you can’t afford not to pull your ”A” game ride. Because any little slip, you might end up really hurting your balls and might be forced to withdraw into your brooding, lonely shell. This is why you need to go manual first until you get used to the flow and quick wit becomes your wing man.

Going manual means anticipating different scenarios that might play out  based on your routines or places you visit and thinking up/writing down ready lines. Rehearsing same each day before stepping out. Think of mind melting, head spinning, laughter inducing Line of Notes( LON) for If you can’t do that in a relaxed mode, how can you when faced sexy souls, prying eyes and flapping ears?

Target Red Card

I should lay out our aim when meeting girls and things you must note.

  •  All out talks must be geared towards burning our fun memory in their minds thereby eliciting attraction, getting number and getting out when the ovation is loudest( in the shortest possible time)
  • Know that it’s not all her answers you would respond to. You are meant to lead the talk, not the other way round. Learn to ignore her questions or responses that would corner you, make you appear needy, weak or run out of steam.
  • Your Body language should suggest;  You are not here to please nobody and in a hurry for some other important things demands your attention. She is lucky to have you talking to her.
  • Line of Note should be super tech but very simple and humour inducing; hey now, why do your eyes sparkle and become so Tiny when you smile at me? Are you trying to seduce me?
  • You are not a CLOWN! I repeat you are NOT A CLOWN! Don’t transform into a circus man because of some soft specs. If anybody should be entertaining anybody, it should e the other way round. Being  fun to be wit does not equate been clownish and unmanly.

How To Win The Heart Of A GirlWhen we roll out, all our lines are geared towards one purpose and one purpose alone!; that is what we really want with her: GF, WM, LFR, FFB, STR, ONS, TP etc ( if you have no clue what these mean, kindly visit the glossary. *winks)

So before you narrow in and break the ice, know what you want with her and flow in that accord. That we said women like humour does not mean that we now lose essence of our aim and just start throwing random jokes just to make her laugh. Every fun line we drop drives home a specific point; it cud be a LON: to engrave our tots in a fresh one’s mind. It could be a fun line to finger her curiosity and make her go wanting more. It cud be a mystery fun line to wonder what kind of guy I really am or a crazy/sexual line to draw out the naughty girl in her. We never tell idle jokes nor crack meaningless pranks.
The sun does not shine for the fun of it. Everything in life has a purpose and as my mentor would always say “ if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable

In summary,  To Win The Heart Of A Girl

  • Know what u want before you let fly
  • Draw your lines from that locker . Not forgetting to lend her heart a LON
  • Get the digits, Get out

Sense Pill: if you can draw laughter from a lady, you are halfway home. If you are halfway home and she laughs, that is another thing altogether.

Next, we look at meeting girls online

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