Meeting Girls Online

Meeting girls online

As with every new skill, we start simple and gradually build our way up, hence, we will learn the act of meeting girls online ( build our mental muscles) first before we meet them physically. Why? Because when online, it affords us the flexibility to think before we respond with a killer unlike when they are standing directly in front of us. It also helps relive tension and stuttering. Whether you are on any of the mind mending social media or on call, there are secrets to chatting online and talking through phone when ladies are involved. Just as you learned to speak your native language, you must learn the language that attracts girls and how to keep a conversation fun no matter who you are relating with. On net and off-net there are a lot of ways to reach out to virtual soft dolls and enthralled them by your very first DM/inbox msg and get them responding swiftly.



  1. To help you understand the thought process of an alpha male. How we link statements funly to create magnums of responses and attractive snowballs. Draw laughter, attraction, sexual feelings, break defenses and burn your balls’ image on the tablets of her hearts forever!
  2. Feed you with mental muscle building proteins and in essence, help you romance quick wit with the gentle touch of an angel. Until you are able to dish out classic flows from the wealth of your wisdom.
  3. To give you ample examples and real life chats of my DMs, mails, WhatsApp flows etc( Executive members would get snapshots and a host of others)i.e. get you to understand how to reach out to anyone online. Be it the Kardashians,  Obama’s daughters or whoever you so suit and not blow it before they get the opportunity to meet you
    Meeting girls online
    Meeting girls online

    4. After they have responded, how to keep a conversation flowing without driving them off with your wimpy airs. You must know that this is for every facet of life,  not just with ladies. You walk into a room and in a blink,  you light it up with your charm and chats. You turn the tide on its head and have ladies flocking your social media because you not only add fun to their lives, they also learn a lot from you. Be versed in knowledge and be informed; whether politics, IT, Education you name it. And of course not forgetting the very soft but intriguing world of women. That way,  you’d learn to boss  any topic. This is one very vital ingredient of quick wit.


    The more you read,  the more non-real time experience you acquire,  the more you get to learn from different responses from people. Until you become a natural at conversing.

    So one of your greatest assets to quick wit lies in learning from books( fiction and nonfiction for there lies a thin line between these twain). Read not just to be informed but to study the characters and read in-between the lines. See through the face value of the words.

    You become so smooth with words you almost always romance them. You just know how to use words to paint different feelings into people, It’s like magic. You not just talk smooth,  you are smooth. Then they begin to call you different names: Sweet mouth, Sugar tongue. The worst they called yours truly was Silver Tongue Black Devil! And guess who did?  A Guy! He was so green with envy he couldn’t control himself! Did I tell you I almost slept with his sister? Yea!  I almost did if not for my principles. She was all over me. I think he reasoned yours truly did though. Why was she over me when yours truly hadn’t even met her?  Well, it so happened that I had a promoter; her brother! There is nothing I flowed he didn’t tell her. No stunts I pulled he didn’t relate. No line I dropped into the ears of other ladies he didn’t go home to drop into her. While making sure he points out how evil I was. How I was using ladies’ heads. How I was breaking hearts and dating more than one per time. Unfortunately, the more evil he painted me,  the more she wondered who I was and wanted to meet me! See ? Ladies love good bad Guys.  Just look at the way you are so focused waiting to hear the full story. Hehehe. Back on track, curiosity always kills the cat. She tried coming with him to meet me a couple of times but he wouldn’t let her. [adsHere]


    A well-stocked warship has no qualms picking out what weapon to use on a SPECIFIC target

    Until one day,  I received a call from an unknown number. After introducing herself as my friend’s sister( amiss staccatos, voice yodel and the shyness of a wet virgin) said she wanted to sign up for one of our IT packages. I was not in town so I directed her to the office to pick the form from our secretary and I dropped. Only for her to call me a week after that she could not make it down the other day. How To Win The Heart Of A GirlAsked if I was around, to which I affirmed. Long short, she came down. From her body language, voice tone and talks, I could instinctively tell, she wanted me. But I am a very principled man when it comes to my friends’ sisters: I don’t deal. So with wisdom, I tried to join her with a new batch that just kicked off, she declined that she wants an executive session( with me alone). Alright! that means more money for us. then i went on to recommend one of our best tutors I taught myself but she would not have any person teach her except me! What a whip! lol All my efforts to get her off my back were soundly rebuffed. I accepted, reduced the duration and charged twice the amount we would usually, to my amazement she accepted! Hahaha. Before I could say Jack Robinson, she went over, met our secretary. She gave her form and told her when to start. It was one of my most trying times. That session. Why did I tell this story? Be careful who you rep in wicked linens before your girl.

There are three kinds of people in life. Those who

  1. Make history ( Boss Balls, Quick witted and always think outside the box).
  2. Those who read History( always learning never applying)
  3. Those who write History(nice ass she-males, they can gossip with girls….)

You belong somewhere.


That said,  below are some of my fine lines from my mails and social media that I have used to bed some birds in time past. I’d let you chose what you want to do with them:Meeting Girls Online

Hi, Iby, Come a little closer I wano know more about those tiny eyes of yours that lights up when u smile and also put a voice to this sleek fanta face….. I wano know as to whether or not you take honey in your coffee, I wano know…… I’m one call away……08033…. That line would self-destruct in 30mins

This is a magnet for anyone you like on social media that you can DM / message without qualms) From experience, I know fancy catchy ice breakers are a major issue on social media.

“Hi little Lily, Come a little closer. I wino know more about those tiny eyes, little lips of yours and put a voice to this sleek chocolate face….Call….”  

I’d love to know more about those sparkles that go playing on your eyes whenever you smile, call 080…

“Hi, come closer, wano whisper something into your ears …”

“Hello, what is the secret behind….???”

“Hello Bi, how can only you have Japanese eyes, Netherlands’ Nose, France face, Senegalese skin, Turkey teeth yet you claim Nigeria as your country? Huh?” 🤔😛
“On one of my vary rare missions on FB, the tides blew me across your profile and there you were drenched in a worried smile. Your eyes were so tiny I couldn’t make out if  they were smeared in tears of joy or of a broken vow. Full lips flushed with pepper red, worried. Tell me, what is the issue?”

“Juste une question: Pourquoi vos yeux de l’Islande, le nez des Pays-Bas, les lèvres de la Libye, la tête de la Hongrie, mais vous avez atterri au Nigeria?”



Are you wondering what that means?   Well ask Google! 😛 😛😛😛 I wore my French hat and took a sexy dive! From profiling her, I learnt she loves French but she does not know how to speak and boom on her face!. We are very tight like that now

About the call, depending on the caliber of girl,  most Would call. Some  would reply with their number and say “why don’t you do the calling?” If they call,  you must not rush to pick neither  should you rush to call those that dropped their lines for you to call. Role Shift first( be hard to get, hold on. Keep her waiting, anticipating).  Yea, we feeding them back on their reverse psychology dose.

Anticipation/curiosity builds Attraction

Ball Task 6:
Go to any of the social media you are adept at, pick out two targets and gather as much information as you can for two weeks. Why do you need to do that? Well, profiling helps you to hook their attention very quickly. Check out the following, it is from one of my many profiling missions( I added a lil extra so you can lean better though):

She uploaded a picture. While other guys were lapping it up with their wack praises she didn’t respond to, I let fly
“From this one picture, I feel I’ve known you all your life!:
Name: Silvia A.
State: Imo
Age: 19 ( though she look 24)
Height: 5″5 feet super tall
Complexion: Brown Chocolate ( Note: she was very fanta fair)
Occupation: Student
Favorite food: shawama’s hotdog
Favourite drink: Palm wine
Favourite TV Show: Telemundo
Favourite Song genre: Blues/soul/9ja hip hop
Gender: Undecided
Relationship: So Single
Heart Status: Broken twice
Bra Size: 38D 
Disposition: Hostile on the surface but sweet within
Place in Family: 2nd
What did I get wrong?”


Here is when to blow some details out of proportion. But try and get the strange bio data very correct. Be creative with this list and add extra fun lines to it. Guess what she did next!  😎


Learn to build your mental muscles first by chatting online before you physically meet up. If deployed appropriately, by the time you guys meet, you would have broken down all her defenses and lay bare the real lovely lady. This also helps you to be more comfortable about thinking of witty lines to jab her with and tension is blow out through the roof.

Next, we will look at more fun chatting online! Full flow…

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  1. I used the first line on a girl which included my number.. she replied with wtf dude?

    • Discretion and ability to read and know the type of girl you are dealing with and adapt the flows means a lot gee.

      Try again. This time, leave the number out Get some rapport first.

      • I used those stuffs.. she said my mouth is too sweet😀

        • So you dipped your mouth in my jar of honey and went to kiss with it without my permission huh?? Brahahaha 😀😀😀😀

        • I do hope however, you didnt bask in the glow of that encomium but used it to throw another jab at her?

  2. Ok boss wat if the girls replies with m gonna chat u up

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