7 Mistakes guys make with ladies

7 Mistakes Guys make With Ladies

In life, even with lower animals, the male folks love to attract their female other half with different natural endowments, steps, swags, or sweet sways; the peacock would regale in its full bloom plumage as he takes calculated cocky steps to attract the peahen; the pigeon would spread out and dance while reeling out a sonorous sound to maim the mind of its pair; the canary would sing in a beautiful tone with a professional yodeling touch; all for to get her. But with Mr cock? The story is different. His counterpart does not fancy any of the aforementioned blending modes rather, a gut splitting adrenaline chase turns her on. Average men are not left behind. They would go to any length to get any lady they want. They would tell lies, spend and be spent, call morning, noon and night and generally be at her beck and call. Here-understated are the 7 mistakes guys make with ladies in trying to win their hearts.

How To Control Your Emotions In A Relationship

Sense Pill: Do not concur to the demands of a woman in the heat of passion for therein, a lot of men have unwittingly sold their souls. 

One of the main ingredient that separate men from boys is knowing how to control emotions in a relationship or when with ladies generally. This is what differentiates those destined for the top( that would avoid scandal and blackmail) and others whose lives would be full of the scars from their wanton erotic ways.

Why Nice Guys Get Friend-zoned

Why nice guys get fiend-zoned
Nice guys get friend-zoned

Ever wondered why nice guys get friend-zoned? Even though we apply all the principles we were taught by momma? Momma thought us to always be nice to ladies. Courteous and treat them with high level of chivalry.  Well stuffed with ladies’ niceness cells, we grew up and continued therein. Little did we know that this momma’s lectures where nothing but calculated ways to keep men in check. This is why most daughter inlaws/mother inlaws are always at each other’s throats; a transcending generational fight for who gets more of the guy’s niceness! To the female folks, guy’s niceness is Bae! lol

Meeting girls online

Meeting Girls Online

As with every new skill, we start simple and gradually build our way up, hence, we will learn the act of meeting girls online ( build our mental muscles) first before we meet them physically. Why? Because when online, it affords us the flexibility to think before we respond with a killer unlike when they are standing directly in front of us. It also helps relive tension and stuttering. Whether you are on any of the mind mending social media or on call, there are secrets to chatting online and talking through phone when ladies are involved. Just as you learned to speak your native language, you must learn the language that attracts girls and how to keep a conversation fun no matter who you are relating with. On net and off-net there are a lot of ways to reach out to virtual soft dolls and enthralled them by your very first DM/inbox msg and get them responding swiftly.

How To Deal With Rejection From Ladies

How to deal with rejection from ladies

How do you deal with rejection from ladies?  Life is a big puzzle and because we arrived here highly powered with no earthly manual, we assume challenges as a bane on our existence, like a clog on the wheels of our progress and therefore equate them to part of the negativities of life