Dating Secrets Glossary



For an effective comprehension and flow through this blog, here are terms used throughout this drill and their definitions. You are used to some of them ( but may mean different things to us). Others you might not be used to.

Dating Secret Introduction

Dating Secret : Introduction

To better understand this dating secret (drill) and it’s essence( showing men their true status right from creation), let me take you back in time. (Before you continue reading this, check out our glossary first. You would be glad you did)..

Man And His Balls At Creation

There came a day, God made man and placed him in charge of all he had created.



This is not one of those blogs about 10 tips to mounting or 50 ways of wooing! This is a drill; an illogical Dating Drill(secrets). Before you continue reading this, make sure you have gone through our glossary so you can flow easily through all aspects of this super exciting, brain reformatting, life-impacting and men’s liberating blog.