This is not one of those blogs about 10 tips to mounting or 50 ways of wooing! This is a drill; an illogical Dating Drill(secrets). Before you continue reading this, make sure you have gone through our glossary so you can flow easily through all aspects of this super exciting, brain reformatting, life-impacting and men’s liberating blog.

If only ladies were logical just like men. If only the majority of men understand ladies and the way their mind and heart work, there wouldn’t have been any need for this blog. But here now, men got no clues about the web of women and ladies are not logical in their wants/ways( they have a lot of coded ways they communicate). This is what I am here to demystify. Take you by the hands and walk you through the secrets of how the world of ladies work. How you can easily walk your way into the heart of any lady. Nevermind whether you are rich or not, tall or short, handsome or ugly.

Here, you would learn the true meanings behind ladies’ words. We will teach you the fact that ladies don’t choose who they fall in love with and how the power is wholly in your hands. You would learn to avoid asking ladies out and making general mistakes averages guys make. We will teach you how to flow fun when you chat with them – physically or online and get them to abandon even their families and follow you! We would teach the executive members what true love portion is and how to hold any lady spellbound. They would learn how to blow like pros and have access to most of my private stuff( wondering what? find out).

Finally, we would show you how to get your lost balls back, “unfriendzone” yourself, save your heart from aches, save your money from wastes, detect real/lying ladies, wife that special one and live happily ever after!

Strong Note

1) Stereotypes Keep off because the head of the elephant is no plaything for the porcupine.

2) You are solely responsible for whatever you do with the drill you about to go through

3) Analyzers; you need not bother to think about some of the crazy reverse engineering drills, just practice them and watch your fame grow, gut flow and confidence blow!


  1. This is for guys that are tired of not getting that dream girl no matter their financial status, physical appearance or gift of the gab( ability to flow fluently and communicate your head succinctly)
  2. Have you been friend-zoned? about to be friend-zoned?
  3. For all those tired of their boring dating lives. Lower cadre girl’s gifts ( those I want don’t want me, those I want not, drool over me).  What can I do but to ship them in only at night, do deeds with lights off and ship them out first thing in the morning…ehm, yes, we feel your pains too.
  4. For the shy guys; can’t even look at girls eye-ball to eye-ball. If they are lucky enough, get wooed by the lady, they would be using teeth to unhook bra and turn nipples into feeding bottle hose! the heck?  ok, alright, receive your healing!
  5. For those that want to step up their flame, up their antes.
  6. This is also for Don-Jauns wanting to put names to their inherent skills they know not where they came.
  7. For those that want to know the true MEANING OF HOW TO TREAT A WOMAN RIGHT and understand illogical body languages, speech pattern, and WEB of the Wonderworld of women.
  8. For customer care reps and all those who generally want to sprinkle some sparkle across the dark horizon of a dying world

On  A Final Flow

We would love to know our amiable readers so we can give honour to whom it is due as we roll on, kindly introduce yourself in the sexy comment box below. How did you hear about us? What special need do you have as regards life or ladies? Any suggestion on how dating drill can be improved upon? Don’t be shy, talk to me! lol. Once again, welcome!

Having set the pace, let’s dive in and introduce these drills otherwise known as dating secrets

Note: There would be loads of quality freebies, competitions and crazy fun interaction. so, suit up, boot up, strap in; it is  going to be a life-impacting, fun inducing and mind liberating royal ride




  1. I’m a shy guy, when it comes to the ladies’ affair!
    I’m really excited to come across this honourable blog. I feel liberated already… can’t wait to be the next alpha-male.

    • Welcome onboard Mr D! Here, you cannot but improve on all facets of your life! Make sure you allow our push notification and follow through on the BTs. Once again, welcome!

  2. Hey. I came across your blog post using live messenger. It is really an particularly tactically published content. I will be sure to search for it and also return to discover more of your respective handy details ترجمه بلاروسی به فارسی. Wanted publish. We’ll absolutely return.

  3. I’m a bad guy actually I just don’t know how to get ladies close wooo them as I want and be a gold in their hands

  4. I’m a bad guy actually I just don’t know how to get ladies close wooo them as I want and be a gold in their hands

  5. Saw your blog link on Naira land from Harddon’s profile … I’m currently on a study after alot of friend zones to see how to improve myself

    • Hi! This blog was designed especially for you! Read and practice all you would learn in here. soon you would become a pro

  6. How do i get into the “executive membership”…

    • Hi, soon, we will release the steps and the financial involvements.

      Thanks for calling in.
      We are fully on ground now to release more pills…
      Hope you subscribed to our notification about fresh updates?

  7. Well, it’s nice to find that this blog has been set up. I have been an avid reader of Harddon for a while now, from the days of the posts on Nairaland [which I read hundreds and hundreds of them]…And now this.

    Learning is continuous. It’s good to be here.

    • Hi, welcome. Kul to have you here Femi. Hope you havent been selfish with these lights? Tell your friends bro… Rich Regards

  8. Well am not a shy type, but there was a time when I forgot about women( when I was still a child) I feel it kind of affected me somehow especially when am chatting with them, I even find it hard to approach them sometimes. I saw the post on Nairaland and I said it’s time to end this woman drought in my life

  9. I am learning new skills. Have not been that good with ladies though have some yearning for me.
    Bụt I want to choose my ladies not the other way round.

    • Read and apply. there is nothing holding you back now

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